Jaz Limited Edition Trio, sex pillow, vibrating cock ring NOS and BE·ONE couples toy
NOS vibrating cock ring in blue
Jaz Pillow by Liberator purple with zipper on blue background
NOS c-ring for couples handshot with tattoos
BE·ONE couples vibrator
BEONE vibrator for fingers couples

Jaz Limited Edition Trio

Sex Pillow

Regular price $215.00

A compact kit to enhance any position

  • Jaz pillow by Liberator lifts hips for deeper penetration
  • BE·ONE adds manual stimulation to oral sex
  • NŌS pleases the clit during penetration
  • Compact designs save space & travel well
  • Pillow Made in USA
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Jaz Limited Edition Pillow how to illustration cowgirl on bed


Have your partner lie on the Jaz while you straddle them for deliciously deep penetration.

BJ illustration with BE·ONE held under testicles


Suck the tip of the penis and massage the perineum with BE·ONE for a big, blended orgasm.

NOS for clitoral stimulation how-to illustration

Hand Sex Plus Vibration

While they sit on the wedge, rub NŌS along your partner’s clit to make them moan.

Get Closer, Effortlessly

Imagine lying on your back with your hips lifted comfortably in the air, letting your partner penetrate even deeper. With its supportive foam and versatile wedge shape, the Jaz pillow by Liberator makes it easy. Use the pillow to get yourself into position for oral sex, cowgirl position, rear entry, and more—its compact size means you can do whatever you can imagine, anywhere you go.

You can get the Jaz pillow on its own, but buying it as a kit adds even more possibilities into the mix. Let NŌS or BE·ONE vibrate against your partner’s most sensitive spots as they lay across the pillow, and watch their eyes roll back.

A Compact & Versatile Kit for Better Angles

Is the Jaz just like a regular pillow?

Yes and no! It’s cushiony like a regular pillow, but firmer, with high-density foam that offers incredible support. The wedge shape lifts your pelvis at the perfect angle for missionary, doggy style, oral, and pretty much anything else. And if you have a soft mattress or silky sheets, the Jaz offers a rare advantage: Its microvelvet cover will stop you and your partner from sliding around!

Um, won’t the pillow get really dirty?

The cover might, but it’s no problem, because it’s machine-washable! The pillow also has a poly/nylon liner that keeps it from getting soaked, in case things get slippery.

Do I need to use all this stuff together?

You don’t have to, but it’s FUN when you do. Wear NŌS around the shaft of the penis during missionary, with your partner lying on the Jaz—the vibrating arms of the toy will stay even closer to the clit. Or use BE·ONE to tease the vaginal opening during oral sex. Of course, you can always buy the Jaz separately and use it solo if that’s your style.

What should I know about Liberator?

Liberator is the brand that makes the Jaz and other sex furniture. We like them because they make eco-friendly practices part of their business: stuff like recycling their foam filling, shipping packages efficiently, and sourcing materials locally. They also do ethical manufacturing, just like us, except their factory is in Atlanta, Georgia and not in Germany. Mostly, we like them because they make sex hotter and more accessible for everyone, and that’s a mission we can get behind.

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