Find the best lubes to use, with or without sex toys. All the personal lubricants we carry are sustainably made with body-safe ingredients. We are SUTIL’s exclusive partner in the USA, so you can shop on our site for their long-lasting, Canadian-made, condom- and toy-safe formulas.

Our Guides to Personal Lubricant

Learn the difference between water-, oil-, and silicone-based lube, and how to choose the best formula for different types of play. All our blog posts are reviewed by certified sex educators.

Sex Lubes FAQ

1. What is lubricant?

Lube is a liquid mixture meant to prevent chafing or other discomfort during sex. People of all anatomies, experience levels, and sexual tastes can benefit from lube.  

2. Why is lube necessary during sexual activity?

Lube makes sex better by providing a super-smooth glide, and it’s always necessary during anal play because the ass is not self-lubricating. It’s also essential for folks experiencing vaginal dryness due to medication, menopause, stress, or other factors.

3. Are there different types of lubricants available?

Yes! Lubricants vary drastically in terms of their ingredients. We recommend looking for formulas, like those made by SUTIL, without fillers or irritating additives, which can cause infections. Two of SUTIL’s formulas, Luxe and Rich, contain hyaluronic acid, which actually hydrates the body from within.

4. What are water-based lubes?

Simply put, water-based lubes are lubes whose starter ingredient is water. Water-based lubes are the most versatile: They can be used with sex toys and with condoms. All SUTIL lubes are water-based.

5. What are silicone-based lubes?

Silicone-based lubes, as you might have guessed, are lubes whose starter ingredient is silicone. They’re plush to the touch and long-lasting, but they can degrade silicone sex toys. For those who want the cushiony feel of a silicone lube with the versatility of a water-based lube, we recommend SUTIL Rich, which is water-based. It feels like silicone without the silicone. 

6. Can I use lube for anal sex?

You must use lube for anal sex! We recommend SUTIL Rich, because it’s especially thick and pH-balanced for the anus. It also contains hyaluronic acid, which helps your tissues hold on to moisture over time.

7. Can lubricants help with vaginal dryness?

They were designed for that purpose! For anytime vaginal comfort, you can apply SUTIL lube, even on days when you’re not planning on any sexual play. The hyaluronic acid in the Luxe and Rich formulas even helps your tissues stay more hydrated over time.

8. Can lubricants be used for masturbation?

They sure can! Lube makes solo play a lot more FUN, especially when you’re using sex toys. For people with penises, lube is more comfortable and better for your skin than spit or lotion.

9. Can lube be used during pregnancy?

Water-based lubes with body-safe ingredients, like those made by SUTIL, are safe to use during pregnancy. Also, the best lube for folks trying to conceive is Luxe, as it is lightweight and designed to mimic your body’s natural moisture.