Our harness-compatible premium silicone dildos are firm enough for satisfaction and flexible enough for comfort. Choose from realistic dildos, double dildos for partner play, extra large dildos, and more.  All are made from body-safe silicone, and all have suction-capable bases so you can stick them to any flat surface.

Our Guides to Dildos

Our guides explain everything you need to know about dildos, from how to choose one to how to use one. Get inspiration for your next play session and find a toy that’ll hit the spot.

Dildo FAQs

How do I choose the right dildo sex toy for me? 

In choosing the best dildo for you, you’ll want to consider factors like size, whether you intend to use any accessories, and whether you want to share with a partner. Our blog post “How to Choose the Right Dildo” will point you in the right direction.

How do I clean my dildo after using it? 

Mild soap and warm water are enough to do the trick. For a deeper clean, you can boil any non-motorized toy for five minutes and let it air-dry. The quickest option is to spritz your toys with SLIQUID SHINE Toy Cleaner and then wipe them with a clean cloth, or to use AfterGlow Cleansing Wipes.

Can I use a dildo toy during sex with a partner? 

Absolutely! Lots of folks strap our dildos on, and all our dildos are harness-compatible. We recommend the TOMBOI and JOQUE harnesses because they’re comfortable and sturdy. Our double dildos are designed for couples’ play and they’re harness-compatible, too. And SHARE LITE is one-of-a-kind: It’s a double dildo so lightweight you can use it without a harness.

Can men use dildos too?

Dildos are loved by people across the gender, sexuality, and anatomical spectrum, including men. Some men use dildos for prostate stimulation and love the feeling of fullness that dildos provide. In heterosexual couples, some men enjoy being pegged—where their female partners strap on a dildo and penetrate them anally. Contrary to outdated stereotypes, liking prostate stimulation doesn’t imply anything about a person’s sexuality!

What are the different types of dildo sex toys?  

There’s endless variety in the dildo category and within FUN FACTORY’s line. Realistic dildos, like AMOR, are great for cowgirl position and grinding. Poseable dildos, like LIMBA FLEX, allow you to shape them to hit any hot spot. Double-ended dildos like SHARE LITE pleasure two partners simultaneously. THE BOSS, our extra large dildo, satisfies size queens, and BOUNCER, which houses weighted balls that bounce and roll, offers organic motion with every thrust.

Can a dildo be used during pregnancy? 

Unless your doctor has advised you not to have sex, then yes, you can use a dildo during pregnancy! That said, it’s important to keep your toys clean. We always say that people should wash their toys before and after every use. Also, if you feel any pain or notice yourself bleeding, you should stop.

Can dildos be used for anal play? 

Lots of folks love them specifically for that purpose! Anal toys need to have a flared base so they don’t get lost inside the body (it can happen), and all FUN FACTORY’s dildos have flared bases. Due to their relatively small size, LIMBA FLEX S and AMOR are especially approachable for newbies. 

Are there different sizes of dildos available?

There sure are! Depending on your preferences and whether you’re craving anal or vaginal stimulation, you might use anything from LIMBA FLEX S (1.1” thick, 4.33” insertable length) to THE BOSS (up to 1.73” thick, 6.69” insertable length). 

Can dildos be used with lubricant? 

We recommend that you use dildos with lubricant. We carry cushiony, water-based lubes with soothing ingredients that add to your comfort and FUN. Because the lubes are water-based and not silicone-based, they’re safe to use with our all-silicone toys.