Find the best vibrators for the way you like to play, whether you’re looking for clit stimulation, something to share, prostate pleasure, or something else. All our vibrators are ethically manufactured in Germany with 100% body-safe materials.

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Our Guides to Vibrators

Our shopping guides help you find the best vibrators for whatever sensation you’re craving. Take a deep dive into some of our most popular toys, or compare different options. 


1. How do I choose the right vibrator for me?

Think about the sexual practices you’d like to try with a toy, and where on your body you’d like to feel vibrations. Want to stimulate the penis and take blowjobs to the next level? MANTA is your best bet. Want simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and vaginal walls for a big, blended orgasm? Check out our bestselling rabbit vibe, MISS BI. Our shopping guide, “How to Pick Your Perfect Vibrator,” breaks down more of your choices. 

2. How do I clean my vibrator?

It’s easy! Just wash it thoroughly with warm water and mild soap. Then, let it air dry. Unlike non-vibrating dildos and butt plugs, motorized toys should not be placed in boiling water.

3. Can I use a vibe during sex with a partner?

Yes, and how! Pass VOLTA back and forth to enhance mutual masturbation, or massage one another with VIM. The possibilities are endless and very, very hot. If you’re using the same vibrator with multiple partners, you may want to cover your vibe with a condom as an extra layer of protection.

4. Can men use vibrators?

Any adult who wants to use vibrators can use them! Check out our Men’s Toys collection for products designed for the penis and prostate, and our Toy Tips for Trans and Gender-Expansive Folks.

5. How long do vibrators last?

The longevity of your toys depends on a few factors, including how often you use them, how roughly you treat them, and how you store them. If you take care of your toys—that means washing them after every use, storing them in hygienic TOYBAGS, and keeping them charged—your vibrators can last for years! Happy customers have told us their toys have lasted for five years or more.

6. What are the different types of Vibrators?

New types of vibrators are always coming out in our industry, but here are some classic designs: Wand vibrators, like VIM, are great for pinpoint stimulation, grinding, and massage. Rabbit vibes, like LADY BI, please internal hot spots and the external clit simultaneously. Bullet vibes, like our MASSAGE BULLET, are discreet and easy to use all over. Penis vibrators, like MANTA and COBRA LIBRE II, are meant to please the penis shaft and tip.

7. Can a vibrator be used during pregnancy?

Vibrators are absolutely safe to use during pregnancy! Just be extra diligent about washing your toy.

8. What are the benefits of battery vs. rechargeable vibrators?

Battery vibrators are cost-effective choices if you’ll only use your toy occasionally, or if you don’t have private space to charge a rechargeable toy. On the other hand, rechargeable toys are more powerful. Want the best of both worlds? DIVA DOLPHIN, our BATTERY+ toy, can work with regular batteries or our HYBRID KIT. The kit lets you charge rechargeable batteries inside your toy using a CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE cable, thanks to our smart charging technology.