Looking for sex toys for men? Most toys work on all bodies, but these are designed with the penis and prostate in mind. Our men’s toys category includes a bestselling stroker, butt plugs in different sizes, a vibrating c-ring, and more. By the way, we know that gender isn’t binary, but we sometimes use gendered language as a convention of our industry—see the last question in our FAQ for details.

Our Top-Selling Penis Toy

Our Guides to Male Toys

Need help finding the best toy for your penis or prostate? Our shopping guides will point you in the right direction. Make your choice based on how you like to play and expert insights.


1. What types of men’s toys are there?

Most FUN FACTORY toys can be used on any body, but if you’re looking to stimulate the penis or prostate, you have some options. You could try a butt plug like BOOTIE or B BALLS, a c-ring like NŌS or BOOTIE RING, or a penis vibrator like MANTA or COBRA LIBRE II, among other choices.

2. How do male sex toys work?

How do you want them to work? These toys are versatile enough to be used in a ton of different ways. A few overall pointers: Clean your toys before and after each use, including the first. Make sure any toy you insert anally has a flared base or a stopper, so it doesn’t get lost inside you. Use lube with everything, especially if you’re playing with a partner!

3. Are they safe to use?

Absolutely! All our toys are made with medical-grade silicone and other body-safe materials, so they’re easy to clean and nontoxic in your body.

4. Can I use men’s toys with a partner?

Please do! Vibrating toys like MANTA, which enhances blowjobs, and COBRA LIBRE II, which takes reach-arounds to the next level, are especially FUN to share.

5. How do I clean my penis and prostate toys?

Use mild soap and warm water, and voila! For non-motorized toys, you could also boil them for five minutes to get them squeaky clean. Finish by air drying.

6. How do I choose the right toys?

You can always consult one of our shopping guides to find the best toys for the way you like to play.

7. Can sex toys for men improve sexual performance?

They sure can! For example, NŌS gives you a longer and stronger erection, and MANTA makes any blowjob feel like deep throat. That said, any toy you share and use creatively can make sex more FUN for you and your partner!