Will my order be sent discreetly in neutral packaging?

YES! FUN FACTORY ships orders in industry standard (brown unmarked) boxes with a neutral sender address “FF USA” without any indication of its contents.

Where do you deliver?

FUN FACTORY USA currently only ships to US addresses. We have distributors in Mexico and Canada and would be happy to help those customers find a store nearby. Alternatively, you can order directly from any local FUN FACTORY dealer.

What are the shipping costs?

FUN FACTORY USA offers FREE USPS First Class shipping to all orders shipped to locations within the United States.

A variety of expedited services are available for an additional charge at checkout.

Shipping information

How long do I have to wait for my order?

Normally, you have to wait 4-5 business days for your FUN FACTORY order. Expedited shipping is available to most locations. 

Once your order has shipped you will received an order confirmation from Fun Factory containing a tracking number. If you have not received this message, please check your spam folder and contact us for assistance. 

Can I have products sent to another address?

Nothing is easier. While ordering it's no problem to enter a separate billing and delivery address. 

Can I have my order sent to a package retrieval station?

YES! However we cannot offer expedited shipping service to these locations. Shipments will be made using USPS Priority Mail.


Pay with Credit Card

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Paying with a credit card is processed using a secure SSL connection. You will need your card number, the security code on the back side and the expiration date of the card. When the invoice is issued your credit card will be charged with the amount on the invoice.

Note: Your billing address must be an exact match to what is on file with your card issuer or the charge will not be accepted. If you receive an address match error at checkout, please contact your card issuer to update your information.

Pay using paypal

You can make your purchase using a PayPal account. Financial transfers with PayPal are secure (SSL encrypted) and free of cost. PayPal is an online payment solution for which you need a PayPal account which then has your banking or credit card details always on hand so you don't have to enter it every time you make a purchase.


How can I return a defective toy?

FUN FACTORY offers an unprecedented 2-year warranty on all rechargeable and battery-powered items purchased through FUN FACTORY directly or any Authorized Re-Seller.*

Please note that due to the nature of our products, claims are valid to cover defective motors only. Warranty replacement is only valid for same model or same model value replacement in the case of discontinued or out-of-stock product. Contact us for more information.

•  FUN FACTORY does not accept returns, as items cannot be resold due to health considerations.

•  FUN FACTORY does not offer a satisfaction guarantee. Need help choosing? Our blog on Toy Tips offers some great advice on picking the right toy for you, as well as shopping guides from experts on our team and beyond. If you have specific product concerns, contact us and we'll do out best to help!

•  Shipping charges will not be refunded for unclaimed, refused, or undeliverable orders returned via shipping carrier. 

No registration is needed to activate a FUN FACTORY product warranty, simply keep your receipt or other proof of purchase to show when and where your toy was purchased. This information is required when requesting a warranty replacement. Without proof (invoice, sales slip, bank account reference etc.) you cannot replace your toy. One time replacement per customer. 

Please read the section "Troubleshooting" in the FAQs before getting in touch about replacing your toy, the issue may be easily resolved.

WARNING: The use of oils and creams with FUN FACTORY toys may result in irreparable damage. In particular, contact with suntan lotion or sunscreen, lip care products, essential oils, coconut oil, and edible oils of any type can cause damage. Please DO NOT use any of the products listed above in combination with a FUN FACTORY toy, or you will run the risk of voiding your warranty. 


First contact the retail location where the product was purchased to inquire about their return policy. Retailer exchange/return policies vary by location. 

If the store refuses to replace the product directly, please send a claim to FUN FACTORY via email to: customerservice@funfactory.com. Your email must include a picture of your receipt, first and last name, and mailing address, as well as the model of toy and description of your issue. It may take 5 to 10 business days to process your warranty claim. Thank you for your patience.


Consumers who need a replacement product in Canada must contact the retail store directly. If the retail store is unable to replace a toy at their location, its sales associate must provide consumers with a contact for their Fun Factory Canadian distribution center. Distribution centers in Canada handle defective claims and returns locally. 

*Unauthorized dealers include eBay. We cannot guarantee that sellers on these platforms carry genuine, new FUN FACTORY products and are therefore unable to honor the warranty for items purchased through these outlets.

I didn't buy the product at FUN FACTORY. Can I return it anyway?

FUN FACTORY will honor warranty claims for any toy purchased through authorized retailers. However, no refunds can be made for purchases not with FUN FACTORY directly.

Products purchased through Walgreens and Drugstore.com will be replaced by the respective merchant directly, please contact merchant customer support for assistance.

How long is the warranty on my toy?

For all motorized FUN FACTORY toys, we offer a two-year warranty with the submission of a sales receipt.  

WARNING: The use of oils and creams (suntan lotion or sunscreen, lip care products, essential oils, coconut oil, and edible oils of all types) can cause irreversible damage to the control unit and the entire toy. Please DO NOT use any of the products listed above in combination with a FUN FACTORY toy. The use of any of these products with your toy may void your warranty. 

I don't have the receipt any longer. Can I still return the product?

Without proof of purchase (invoice, sales slip, bank account reference etc.) from an authorized retailer you cannot replace your toy.


My new vibrator cannot be switched on. Why?

Please make sure that you deactivated the travel lock. To unlock your toy click the + button (or the big point button) and the FUN button at the same time for about 1 – 4 seconds. The toy should now vibrate once. You can then start the toy by clicking the FUN button. You can also see how to unlock the travel lock here.

I can't operate my battery toy anymore. why?

First, make sure that the batteries are correctly inserted and the cap is screwed all the way on and aligned correctly. A loose connection can be fixed quite easily by exchanging the control unit cap. We deliver replacement caps free of charge.

When I close the cap of my battery toy, it immediately begins to operate. Is the toy defective?

No, the batteries have just been inserted incorrectly. Unless you’re using a BATTERY+ toy, don't use rechargeable batteries. Stick with regular 1.5 volt batteries. Between uses, it's best to remove the batteries and leave the battery compartment open.

My rechargeable product can't be recharged. What am I doing wrong?

Check to make sure that the magnetic points on the charger are connected to the ones on the toy. If the head of the charging cable isn't lit up when the toy is connected, this could mean that the cable is defective. (This is not the case with the BE.ONE charger.) If you're not sure, please contact our customer support.

What do I do when the retrieval band on the SMARTBALLS tears?

A: Nope! There's a coil under the sleeve of all pulsators that heats up when the toy is in use. That's par for the course, and it has nothing to do with the battery. It will also feel warmer when the toy is outside your body, since when you're using it, your body absorbs the warmth without issue.

This coil is used in the following products:






What are the products made of?

The sheaths of the toys are made of 100% medical-grade silicone. The battery compartments and the operating elements are made of thermoplast.

How long do the products have a guarantee?

For all motorized FUN FACTORY toys we offer a 2 year warranty with the submission of a sales receipt. 

For how long do I need to charge my toy?

FUN FACTORY recommends charging new toys overnight before the first use; starting with a strong charge ensures a long and healthy battery life for your new toy. Lithium memory batteries cannot be over or under-charged after the initial full charge. 

You toy is fully charged when all the buttons on the handle light up or blink.

Note: Toys will not operate while charging.

Can I take the toy in the bath with me?

Yes. All FUN FACTORY toys are 100% waterproof.

How long can I wear SMARTBALLS?

To start off we recommend wearing them for around fifteen minutes and to steadily increase the time with each training. The SMARTBALLS should not remain in the body for more than 30 minutes at a time, because even your pelvic floor muscles need a break.

The strongest training effect comes from using them regularly. We recommend 2-3 times a week.

Why does my toy have a slight texture or dust?

Unlike other brands, we don't use abrasive chemicals (which are dangerous to workers and customers) to polish our toys to a glassy finish. Our hand-finishing process is safer, but it does mean that very occasionally, toys leave our factory with small amounts of excess silicone on the surface, which might look like dust. If you see silicone residue on your product, please note that it poses no medical risk. We prioritize your safety by making all our products out of 100% medical-grade silicone.

While every product is sanitized before being packaged, we generally recommend washing your toy before the first use, and after every subsequent use.


How do I clean my toy?

You can easily clean all your FUN FACTORY toys by using warm water and a mild unscented soap.

WARNING: Please make sure to never use your toy together with a silicone-based lubricant, because the silicone-based gel is very difficult to remove from the toy without leaving any residue.

How often should I clean my toy?

Clean your toy before and after every use. For best hygiene, give your toy a wash before the first time you use it, just like you’d wash your hands. 

Which is better, a water-based or silicone-based lubricant?

Silicone toys should never be used with silicone-based lubricant, because the silicone-based gel is very difficult to remove from the toy without leaving any residue. Despite intense cleaning, the toy can become unhygienic. Please use a water-based lube with your FUN FACTORY toys.

WARNING: The use of oils and creams (suntan lotion or sunscreen, lip care products, essential oils, coconut oil, and edible oils of all types) can cause irreversible damage to the control unit and the entire toy. Please DO NOT use any of the products listed above in combination with a FUN FACTORY toy. The use of any of these products with your toy may void your warranty.  


Are my personal details secure?

Your details are always confidential and safe with us. We only use them for processing your purchases. No registration is necessary for placing an order, however setting up a user account allows for easy access to order history and the ability to place successive orders quicker. Those who subscribe to the newsletter will also be informed about special offers and campaigns. See our privacy statement for more information.

Is there a minimum order value?

No, your shopping spree must know no bounds!

How do I delete my account?

If you wish to permanently delete your account, please drop us a line via e-mail to customerservice@funfactory.com. We will promptly delete all of your stored data.

Of course you can register for a new account at any time or order again, checking out as a guest.

Why do you use gendered language on your site?

As a sex-educator-led brand, we avoid using gendered and binary language whenever possible. In fact, we were the first brand to release a gender-neutral menstrual cup, and have been working since 2016 to remove gendered language from our marketing wherever possible. 

Unfortunately, tailoring our content for search engine optimization (SEO) usually entails using some gendered language. In our industry, which faces all sorts of limitations when it comes to advertising—we cannot advertise through Meta, for example—SEO is of critical importance. Using gendered language for SEO purposes is near-universal in our industry, even among progressive brands. Also, when we cite studies, we mirror the language of the studies, even when it’s binary. Even so, we try to use gendered terms only where they’re strictly necessary, usually in headlines and collection names. 

Additionally, we try to qualify these binary terms by writing around them using inclusive language. An example is on our Men’s Toys page: “Looking for sex toys for men? Most toys work on all bodies, but these are designed with the penis and prostate in mind.”

For our gender-expansive tips roundup, check out Tips for Trans and Gender-Expansive Folks. We are always working to improve and expand our content, and welcome any feedback on making our materials more inclusive.

Got a question we haven’t answered? Contact us.