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Jaz by Liberator sex positioning pillow with zipper in violet
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Jaz Pillow Limited Edition

Sex Pillow

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A Petite Pillow to Heighten Everything

  • Lifts hips for deeper penetration
  • Allows closer contact & less fatigue during oral
  • Grips onto bedding—no more slippery sex
  • Removable, machine-washable cover
  • Moisture-resistant liner
  • Made in USA
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Get the Perfect Angle, Every Time

If you think back on your hottest sexual memory, it’s probably not about adjusting your partner’s hip and butt height. All that coordination can take away from the action and take you out of the moment. Enter Jaz Limited Edition, a compact, angled pillow that effortlessly lifts the receiver’s hips and offers easy access to their most sensitive areas.

Is this all that different from a regular pillow?

Unlike the pillow where you rest your head, Jaz Limited Edition is angled to give your hips a comfortable lift. It’s also filled with high-density foam for support, and covered with soft microvelvet that feels amazing against your skin.

Once your ass is in the air, you know what to do: The toy allows for deeper penetration during missionary and doggy, with less pressure on your joints or back. It also lets you get closer to your partner’s bits during oral or rimming, so every flick of your tongue has more impact. Bonus: It keeps you from getting a crick in your neck while you’re going down.

And it’s small?

It’s travel-sized. Small enough for your suitcase. Sized for hotel sex. If you thought that Jaz Limited Edition was hot at home, just wait. When it’s time for storage, the pillow slips discreetly into your closet

I’m concerned about, y’know, fluids and smells.

Don’t be! You can always remove the cover and pop it in the washing machine. It’ll come out looking, and smelling, good as new.

Why should I go with Liberator?

We like the brand because they’re eco-friendly, just like us: They vacuum-compress their toys before shipping to make packaging more efficient, they upcycle unused foam, and they make all their furniture in the US. They’re also high quality, because we like to see our toys paired with the best accessories.

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