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Lay-On Vibrator

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Ethically made in Germany
2-year warranty

Iconic body-hugging vibe

  • Curvy design cradles the pubic bone or any hot spot
  • Vibrates & taps for multilayered stimulation
  • Micro-adjustable vibrations, from gentle to strong
  • Pinpoint or broad stimulation
  • Upgrades blowjobs, massages & more
  • Newest version of our all-time bestseller

Product Specs



Lay-on Vibrator


Rechargeable (with low battery warning)


7 speeds & 3 patterns

Function Vibration & tapping; Memory function & travel Lock


4.3 in and Ø 1.6 in


3.5 oz

Battery Life

40 - 120 minutes

Charging Time

6 - 7 hours


Body-safe materials, non-porous and hypoallergenic

SKU Sage Green: 46010
Soft Violet: 46011
Contents Toy, USB charging cable, Booklet including user manual and play ideas
WEEE register no. DE66139642


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Laya 3 in violet held in hand

Hit the Spot, Seamlessly

LAYA III was made to lay on the body—hence the name—with a gently arched shape that fits snugly over the pubic bone, sending vibrations throughout the clit and labia. Its ergonomic design means it’s easy to hold in the palm of your hand, and it’s versatile enough to cup the butt, balls, penis shaft, breasts, or any other hot spot. No wonder LAYA has been a cult favorite for 20 years!


“Laya is my new favorite toy. Not only does it look really great, but it also has such a powerful vibration that the orgasms are really intense.”

— L., September 2023

  • A person using a Laya 3 on their vulva


    Press the toy’s tip against the clit and feel its rumbling right where you want it. The tapping and vibrations stimulate more nerves than vibration alone.

  • A person using a Laya 3 while giving a blowjob


    For an extra intense blowjob, hold LAYA III against the scrotum or perineum. It feels exactly as good as it sounds. 

  • A person using Laya 3 around their breast


    Caress the breasts and nipples, neck, and thighs, or use LAYA III to warm up the butt before anal play.

The Legendary Lay-On Vibe Is Back


The simplest way is to lay it on your body (hence the name LAYA). Nestle it against your pubic bone with the narrow end pointing up, toward your belly button. The toy will channel its vibrations and tapping motions all over your vulva.

Working with a penis? Glide the toy up and down the shaft, or cup the balls during a handjob or blowjob.

What's the layering effect?

LAYA III vibrates and taps at the same time, at every speed. These different movements stimulate different types of nerve endings, some of which are near the surface of your body, and some of which are deeper within you. In other words, LAYA III awakens multiple layers of nerves—it has a “layering effect.” The more nerve endings that are stimulated at once, the stronger your feelings of arousal, and the deeper and longer-lasting your orgasm.

How do I change speeds and micro-adjust the vibrations?

When you turn on LAYA III, it starts on the third-lowest vibration speed. Press (+) or
(-) to go to higher or lower speeds. Once you reach the highest speed, pressing (+) will take you into the vibration patterns.

Within any speed or pattern, press and hold (+) or (-) button to dial the intensity up or down. Each speed and pattern starts at middle-intensity.

Can couples use LAYA III, too?

Of course they can! When you’re playing with a partner, LAYA III’s powerful vibrations enhance massages, handjobs, and blowjobs. Our lay-on vibrator glides easily between bodies and can be integrated into almost all play. 

One idea is to start with a vibrating body massage to improve circulation and wake up nerve endings. Activating more of your and your partner’s bodies leads to overwhelming, full-body orgasms. 


The biggest difference: LAYA III has an upgraded motor. It vibrates and taps at once for a rumbly effect, and it has seven speeds and three patterns, so you can experiment more than ever before. Speaking of experimentation, each speed and pattern is micro-adjustable.

LAYA III has a textured body that creates more sensation on the body and can hold lube. Plus, it has new, subtle colors and chromatic detailing that look great on your nightstand.

Can I use LAYA as a massager?

Of course! It’s been recommended by midwives to improve milk flow in lactating mothers, and used by opera singers to soothe their vocal cords. 

Laya 3 in violet with a charging cable and the user manual

What's inside?

In addition to your LAYA III in Soft Violet or Sage Green, you’ll get a USB charging cable and a Booklet with instructions, play ideas, and a Flirt or Dare game. Inside the packaging, you’ll also find a Yes/No/Maybe list to get your imagination going. 

LayaSpot, Laya 2 and Laya 3 displayed together

Behind the design

FUN FACTORY’s original lay-on toy, LAYASPOT, came out in 2003 and became an instant classic. Toy newbies loved its easy-to-hold shape and maneuverability, and its vibrations were approachably gentle. The toy sent shockwaves through the industry and inspired many imitators.

Then, in 2017, we introduced LAYA II, a new version with a stronger motor and rechargeable battery. It was another big hit, and when it sold out, it became our most-requested toy.

Now, LAYA III takes the beloved design features of its predecessors, like the body-hugging curves and palm-friendly size, and complements them with sophisticated new colors and a stimulating, ridged texture. LAYA III also has an upgraded motor that vibrates and taps, so its performance matches its show-stopping looks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
It doesn’t fit me but…

Sincerely, this toy doesn’t fit against any of my bones or curves. And neither did original laya that was still my favorite toy. Why? Well, it’s as strong as many battery-powered wands, quiet, small. And laya iii is even better with the added tapping feature. I don’t really need it to fit my body to enjoy it.

Layered and subtle

Girlfriend loves it - says it’s easy to grip, with a layered and subtle orgasm. Sometime she needs her go-to bullet vibrator ( from another brand) to get over the edge. Waiting for FF to come out with a good strong bullet vibe.

An amazing as addition

This feels amazing when I use this in combination with the Manta. One awesome spot for it is the perineum.

Neat little toy but not mind-blowing

Pros: I really liked the design for the most part. Both ends are easy to hold and use as a handle and the buttons click without needing much force (I have arthritis in my hands so ergonomics really matter). Being able to micro-adjust each vibration level and have the customization stay after turning the toy off is genius and an absolutely fantastic feature! A lot of toys I've tried start way too strong for me, so I adore that this toy has a much wider vibration range and starts very gently. As with literally every FF toy I've bought, the battery life is amazing.

Cons: The description said it was rumbly vibration (in the FAQ the quote was "It vibrates and taps at once for a rumbly effect"), which I was very excited about, since I already own Patchy Paul and love it's deep rumbly vibrations. The vibrations are nowhere near the same. I like the tapping sensation from the Laya 3, but it just sits on the surface for me, not feeling as deep as a real rumbly motor would.

I also wish the vibrations spread throughout the toy more, because I would have really liked using the textured end with some vibrations, but on my Laya any vibrations stay strictly on the non-textured end. I have no experience with the previous Laya models so I can't compare them.

While I like the look and design of the toy and it's features, I'm not wowed by the motor. I obviously had my own assumption of how the toy would feel, and the tapping sensation is a novelty, but it's still too surface level for me to be super enthusiastic about it. As a purely "tapping" type of vibe, I give it a 4.


Amazing and so quick, puts me right to sleep