Bonbon sex positioning pillow in black on blue background
Liberator Bonbon dildo mount black
Bonbon sex toy holder shown with model in pink lingerie
Bonbon foam cushion for sex toys in merlot on blue background
Liberator Bonbon sex accessory with pink dildo
Liberator sex pillow Bonbon with model and white dildo


Sex Pillow

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Foam Pillow That Secures Toys

  • Made to be straddled
  • Facilitates new positions during solo play
  • Pair with vibrators or dildos
  • Use it hands-free
  • Removable, machine-washable cover
  • Moisture-proof liner
  • Made in USA


Foam Sex Positioning Pillow


15L x 8.5W x 12H


Microsuede soft faux suede cover; 100% polyester

Velvish plush faux velvet cover; 100% polyester


Black 16033545

Merlot 16033549

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Straddle Any Toy, Hands-Free

Even if you’re in bed alone, you can always play cowgirl. The BonBon Sex Toy Mount holds a dildo or vibrator firmly in place while you straddle the comfy foam and grind away. Or, if you’re playing with a partner, you can use this like any other sex pillow and give your junk a good lift.

What even is a toy mount?

It’s similar to a regular old sex pillow, but with an opening designed to hold the base of a vibrator or dildo. It keeps a firm grip on your toys, so you can ride and grind freely. Want to try reverse cowgirl? This toy mount won’t be afraid of a dick injury.

I’m into it, but what if the penetration’s too deep?

The BonBon is only 8.5 inches wide, so it’s easy to shift into a more comfortable position while you’re straddling. Or you can squat on it and bounce, if that’s your thing.

I’m not always solo! Can I use this with a partner?

You can, and how! Drape their body over the BonBon and give them a spanking, or lie back against it to give your hips a lift and receive some awesome oral. Or, you can always straddle the pillow as usual and put on a show.

What is Liberator all about?

FUN FACTORY partnered with the Atlanta-based brand because they share many of our same values. For a few examples: They found a way to reduce their use of packaging, they recycle their foam scraps, and they manufacture their products right at their Atlanta headquarters.