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Sex Pillow

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Sex positioning pillow

  • 27-degree angle ideal for missionary & anal
  • For deeper penetration & G-spot play
  • Makes performing oral more comfortable
  • Dense, supportive foam
  • Soft, machine-washable cover
  • Made in USA


Foam Sex Positioning Pillow


14" x 24" x 7"


Original microfiber cover - 100% nylon

Polyurethane foam core and washable, moisture resistant polyester lining


Black 13667101

Merlot 13667103

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Make More Positions Possible

The old way: Straining for deeper penetration and pulling every muscle in your thighs as you get into position. The new way: Using the Liberator Wedge for effortless access to hot spots, like the G-spot and the P-spot. This comfy foam pillow gives your partner’s junk a lift, so oral is also easier and hotter than ever.

How is this different from a regular old pillow?

It’s all in the shape. The Wedge is, rather obviously, wedge-shaped, and it slopes at a 27-degree angle, which is ideal for comfortable deep penetration. It’s also made from firm foam, which supports the body and prevents your partner from sinking into your mattress.

Which positions should I try?

I mean, which positions are your favorite? The Wedge intensifies pretty much everything, from cowgirl to anal to wheelbarrow.

Okay, but it seems like it would get really dirty.

It would, but the removable microfiber cover is machine-washable, so you don’t have to worry about your sex furniture getting sticky.

Why should I go with Liberator as opposed to some other brand?

FUN FACTORY partnered with Liberator because they have an eco focus: They vacuum-compress their toys before packaging them to use less packaging materials, upcycle their leftover foam trim, and manufacture in the USA. Plus, they’re one of the most popular sex furniture brands—you get to see what all the hype is about.

Customer Reviews

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Chase D.
Just the right angle

We love this as it is the perfect angle for her to relax and relieves the pain typically after in her lower back