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Vibrating Double Dildo

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Ethically made in Germany
2-year warranty

Strong vibes, double the FUN

  • Giver’s end cups the pubic bone for a secure fit
  • FUN with or without a harness
  • Rumbly vibrations for both partners
  • Adjustable hinge means no slippage
  • Stimulates the G-spot, clit & prostate

Product Specs



Double Vibrator




3 speeds & 5 patterns


4.4 – 5.5 in and Ø 1.6 in


1 lb

Battery Life

90 minutes

Charging Time

6 hours


Body-safe materials, non-porous and hypoallergenic

SKU Burgundy: 26301
Cool Grey: 26300
Contents Toy, USB charging cable, Booklet including user manual and play ideas


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More Power to You

SHARE VIBE PRO has the most powerful motor of any double dildo on the market. Its strong vibrations reach both ends of the shaft, meaning you and your partner get a big thrill simultaneously. Not only is it orgasmic, it’s also easy to use, with a specially designed giver’s end that cups the pubic bone, so you can use the toy without a harness. More rumbly vibrations, less complications.

  • Two person using Share Vibe Pro double dildo for pegging

    Pegging Perfection

    Want to get on top? SHARE VIBE PRO’s receiver’s end feels amazing against the prostate.

  • Two person using Share Vibe Pro double dildo for pegging without a harness

    Ditch the Harness

    Your perineal muscles can easily grip SHARE VIBE PRO without help from a harness, so nothing will come between you and your partner. More skin against skin = hotter sex.

  • Two person using a Share Vibe Pro double dildo using the hands on approach

    Be Hands-On

    Insert the shorter end of the toy into your partner and use the long end like a lever. You can stimulate them however they like. Or, take control, skip through the speeds and programs, and watch their reaction.

Power Your Thrust

Between its powerful motor and its balanced design, SHARE VIBE PRO offers natural-feeling thrusting and intense pleasure all around.

What sets this vibrating double dildo apart?

SHARE VIBE PRO has an ergonomic design, with a ridge on the giver’s end that rests against the pubic bone, lessening the demand on your perineal muscles. The result: The giver can wear the toy vaginally, even without a harness, and thrust with confidence. The adjustable hinge prevents drooping, so the toy stays erect throughout your play.

The toy also has the strongest motor of any double dildo on the market, meaning the vibrations travel all the way to both ends, allowing the giver and receiver to share pleasure. That said, the toy is shaped to stimulate the G-spot and P-spot, so it feels incredible even in analog mode (with the motor turned off).

Like all FUN FACTORY toys, SHARE VIBE PRO is made ethically with body-safe materials in our low-emissions factory in Bremen, Germany.

How is SHARE VIBE PRO different from SHAREVIBE?

Compared to SHAREVIBE, SHARE VIBE PRO is an evolutionary update. Its new, adjustable hinge allows the toy to stay balanced and upright while you play. The updated shape is easy for your body to grip, too, even without the help of a harness.

Also, unlike the removable bullet vibe that powered its predecessor, the motor in SHARE VIBE PRO is ultra-powerful and boasts three speeds and five patterns.

How do I wear this toy?

Apply water-based lube to the shorter end of the toy and insert it vaginally. Your vibrating double dildo will fit comfortably and securely. The giver’s end is shaped to massage the G-spot, so you get more satisfaction with every thrust.

Should I use a harness with SHARE VIBE PRO?

You can, but you don’t have to! If you prefer relying on added support from harnesses, know that SHARE VIBE PRO is compatible with the comfiest, sturdiest ones we know: TOMBOI and JOQUE from SpareParts.

Can I play solo with SHARE VIBE PRO?

You sure can. Use the short end as a handle, and SHARE VIBE PRO becomes a dildo or a vibe. While the long end is inside you, you can press the tip of the short end against your clit, turning SHARE VIBE PRO into a dual-action toy.

Behind the Design

Our expert engineers designed SHARE VIBE PRO for a stable, comfortable fit, with or without a harness. The shorter end has a ridge that rests against the pubic bone, lessening the demand on your perineal muscles and allowing the toy to stay in place, even without a harness. Most double dildos slip out, creating a frustrating experience, but SHARE VIBE PRO is different.

An additional ridge, toward the base of the longer end, stimulates the giver’s clit during play, and both ends of the toy are curved for precision G-spotting or P-spotting. All in all, the toy is made for effortless shared pleasure.

  • Share Vibe Pro pattern 1-3 icon

    Vibration Levels

    The first three speeds are steady vibration. Going up a level means increasing the intensity.

  • Share Vibe Pro pattern 4 infographic

    Teasing Program

    This program switches from strong to gentle vibrations and back again to build anticipation, delay climax, and build up to an earth-shattering orgasm.

  • Share Vibe Pro pattern 5 infographic

    Deep Orgasm Program

    Waves of vibrations build in intensity, decline, and then build again. The result is a long, indulgent O.

  • Peg Me Program

    Alternating between gentle and strong vibrations, this program allows the giver to time their thrusts so that peak intensity happens when the toy is deepest inside the receiver.

  • Share Vibe Pro pattern 7 infographic

    Intense Orgasm Program

    Made for quickies, this program delivers bursts of strong vibrations so both partners climax fast.

  • Share Vibe Pro pattern 8 inforgraphic

    Finish Mode

    SHARE VIBE PRO will run at full intensity until everyone has reached their peak.

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Share Vibe Pro double dildo with the charger and user manual on a grey background


Along with SHARE VIBE PRO, you’ll get a USB charger (without a USB wall adapter). Inside the packaging, you’ll find a Yes/No/Maybe list for you and your partner. Fill it out to get inspired. Also included is a Manual with care instructions, operating directions, and a Flirt or Dare game to get you going.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews


Sweet for 2

We love this toy so much… switching roles is great on its own, but now we can switch “tools” and we both get our own “rumble” too


This toy is very “filling,” And the shorter end is perfect for P spot play. I highly recommend coupling the Share Vibe Pro with Fun Factory Manta for an “out of this world” experience!