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Grinding Dildo

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Get On Top

  • Ideal for internal or external massage, or both simultaneously
  • Ridges intensify every movement
  • Straddle the toy to stimulate the clit & anus
  • Design allows for double penetration
  • Harness-friendly, suction-capable base lets you explore different angles

Product Specs



Grinding Dildo


3.9 – 4.8 in, Ø 1.5 in


0.53 lbs


100% medical-grade silicone, non-porous and hypoallergenic


Wild Olive: 20100
Black: 20101


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Ryde double dildo in black sitting on a persons thigh


Whether you like internal or external stimulation, RYDE feels amazing. Its ridged design massages the vulva, anus, or both during penetrative play. You can even use RYDE with a harness for double penetration! Want to please your external hot spots? Just straddle RYDE and swivel your hips for all the sensation you can handle.

  • Infographic showcasing Ryde double dildo by fun factory being used with a harness for double penetration

    Double Your FUN

    RYDE’s flat base fits securely into a harness. Its double shaft can penetrate your partner’s vagina and anus at once, treating them to expansive sensation.

  • Infographic showcasing Ryde double dildo by fun factory being used for grinding

    Grind It Out

    Stick RYDE to a flat surface, straddle the toy, and move those hips. The ridges will feel amazing against your clit and anus.

  • Infographic showcasing Ryde double dildo by fun factory being used on a wall with the suction base

    Bounce and Rub

    Insert one end of RYDE vaginally and let the other graze your anus. Every time you bounce, you’ll get a vaginal massage and pleasurable stroking over the anal opening.

Ride and Grind

Yep, it’s a little unusual. RYDE doesn’t look like any other dildo, but it doesn’t feel like any other dildo, either. It’s a lot more versatile and a lot more intense, with a ridged design that lets you rub multiple hot spots simultaneously, or pleasure a partner with double penetration.

Why is this dildo U-shaped?

This double-ended toy lets you hit different hot spots at the same time, for yourself or a partner. Both ends of the toy are insertable, with tapered tips so they glide in comfortably. RYDE’s ridged texture gives you more stimulation with every motion, whether you use it internally, externally, or both.

What’s the difference between a double dildo and a grinding dildo?

A double dildo is meant to penetrate two people at the same time, while our grinding dildo, RYDE, is perfect for both insertion and external stimulation. And while classic double dildos don’t allow for double penetration, RYDE can fit into a harness, so the giving partner can penetrate the receiving partner both vaginally and anally.

How can I use RYDE for solo play?

There are so many ways! It all depends on what you’re into. If you like stroking yourself externally, then lube up the toy and straddle it, maybe even with pillows or yoga blocks beneath your knees. As you glide along the toy, you’ll get a clitoral and anal massage at whatever pace you prefer.

You could also play with the toy half-in, half-out. Stick RYDE to a flat surface, ride one end cowgirl-style, and hold the other end against your clit or anus for an indulgent massage.

If you’re in the mood for an old-fashioned dicking-down, use one end of RYDE as a handle and the other as a regular dildo for an amazing feeling of fullness.

How flexible is RYDE?

It’s bendy enough to be comfortable and firm enough to stay erect during play, even in a harness. At the same time, it doesn’t have any internal rods or wires, so it’s not too stiff.

Ryde double dildo in black on an orange background

Behind the Design

With two insertable ends of slightly different lengths, RYDE lets you can choose your preferred depth of penetration. Its rippled texture gratifies you with every thrust, and its red bottom and logo button are design flourishes that speak to quality.

Like all FUN FACTORY toys, RYDE is designed and manufactured in Bremen, Germany, in our low-emissions factory. It’s made from 100% body-friendly materials and dyes, so your mind is free to focus on FUN.

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