FUN FACTORY - Rabbit Vibrator MiSS Bi grape
FUN FACTORY - Rabbit Vibrator MiSS Bi grape
FUN FACTORY - Rabbit Vibrator MiSS Bi grape
FUN FACTORY - Rabbit Vibrator MiSS Bi pink
FUN FACTORY - Rabbit Vibrator MiSS Bi pink
FUN FACTORY - Rabbit Vibrator MiSS Bi pink
FUN FACTORY - Rabbit Vibrator MiSS Bi black
FUN FACTORY - Rabbit Vibrator MiSS Bi black
FUN FACTORY - Rabbit Vibrator MiSS Bi black Handshot


Rabbit Vibrator

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Double your fun

  • Two rumbling motors for targeted vibration
  • Shaped to hug the G-spot and clit
  • Broad, bendy clit stimulator, for a nearly-universal perfect fit
  • Satisfying girth where it counts
  • Customize your vibration with our “save” function


Rabbit Vibrator


Rechargeable (with charging level indicator)


6 Speeds & 6 patterns


6.69 in and Ø 0.83-1.65 in

Insertable length: 3.15 in

External vibrator length: 1.38 in


0.49 lb

Battery Life

30 - 60 minutes

Charging Time

6 - 8 hours


Body-safe materials, non-porous and hypoallergenic

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MISS BI rabbit vibrator for masturbation

Just Lie Back
MISS BI fits your shape perfectly, from the broad clit extension to the G-spot curve, to the satisfyingly girthy base.

Use MISS BI sex toy together

Get Those Vaginal Orgasms
If you’re usually a clit stim person, introducing the MISS BI into your sex life can sensitize more nerve endings, for fuller orgasms now and later.

Try MISS BI for anal play, have a partner thrust

Get Those Anal Orgasms
Insert the shaft and set the powerful clit vibe against your perineum. Get ready to speak in tongues. 


MISS BI is the dual vibrator you’ve been dreaming of, with a shape designed for targeted G-spot massage and deep, powerful vibration against the clit. Developed over time for the best fit, this vibe is the easiest way to hit your spots while getting the girth you crave. Many people need simultaneous G-spot and clit stimulation to reach orgasm, and with the MISS BI, you get that with zero effort.


See how the clit extension is broad and close to the shaft? It doesn’t look like most other rabbit vibrators—and that’s the point! Instead of hoping that we happened to guess the exact location of your clitoris, we’ve made an extension that covers some surface area and moves with your body, so you’re always getting the clit vibration you’re here for.

Also, because this toy fills you so perfectly, it takes minimal motion to get maximum pleasure out of it. Try rocking it back and forth or side to side for uniquely amazing sensations.


We designed the MISS BI based on both vaginal anatomy and several rounds of tester feedback, and we kept hearing a few things over and over. Our product testers wanted more girth, less length, and a curve that easily hits the G-spot. Of course, we obliged!


One super-cool thing about this strong rabbit vibrator is that it has two motors—one for the shaft and one for the clit—that you can control separately. So, you could keep the shaft at a low rumble while getting super high vibration or even a fun pattern on your clitoris. You can even save your favorite setting, so it’ll start that way next time!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Ward S.
Smallish, thickish, and rumbly!!

My beautiful and extremely shy wife is Japanese and does not review anything… but this works for her!! At the moment, I have to do the manipulations, which involves pressing it in so that the girthy part is right on her g-spot/zone and clitoral arm is steadfastly on the clitoris…then comes some creative exploration. So much FUN, FunFactory!! Thanks!!

Great gift

This makes my wife cum a lot! Good pick!

New Staple of My Collection

Bf bought this for my bday and it is my new favorite internal vibrator. The rumbly motors are heavenly, powerful, and don't over-stimulate me the way cheaper buzzy motors do. The motors are surprisingly strong and a little louder than my previous FF vibes, but it still passes "outside the door" test. The battery lasts surprisingly well for 2 motors, more than 2 hours. I actually can get several uses out of it before I have to charge it. And because is doesn't over-stimulate I can go back to back with it or use it before sex. Originally, I thought the girth wasn't as impressive in person, but with use I actually struggled a bit to get the full girth in! But I was very happy when I did! And it does indeed massage the g-spot superbly. I had a bit of a learning curve with the controls. The big and small circle control the shaft and arm respectively. You can hold the buttons for 2 sec to turn off the corresponding motor and use the parts independently. You cannot decrease/cycle down which speed or pattern you are on, you have to click the buttons and cycle through or turn it off and on again to reset to the first speeds. And saving the setting you want to start on works and it very handy. So far, I am extremely satisfied and I will continue to be obsessed with FF!

Jess W.

Never had a vibrator or any kind of adult toy before. Went to the adult store on a whim and didn’t anticipate buying anything but my partner asked for some suggestions and this was what they suggested and man oh man. My partner and I immediately tried it at home and I finished so quickly. I was really surprised I’d be intimidated because it seems kind of bulky but it isn’t bad so far. Just going to have to keep figuring it out. So far so good! Excited to get to keep using it because I know my sex life needed some spice and maybe this was the missing thing!

Angie H.

Super satisfied with this purchase, my husband and I are in cloud 9. Wowza is an understatement of how we both felt after the first use. We both enjoyed the simplicity and fun that brought to our playtime in bed. We are completely satisfied 😉