Limited Edition TOYBAG hygienic front from FUN FACTORY
Limited Edition TOYBAG hygienic back from FUN FACTORY
Limited Edition TOYBAG hygienic both sides from FUN FACTORY



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Store your toys in style

  • Limited edition toy bag
  • Collaboration with Savage Muse
  • Made of durable Tyvek®
  • Absolutely lint-free
  • Hygienic and water-resistant
  • Erotic, full-on FUN illustrations


10 in x 4.7 in


100% Tyvek®

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Less Lint, More FUN

We couldn’t design a toybag that’s as FUN as a vibrator or butt plug, but this is pretty close. Our limited-edition collaboration with Savage Muse celebrates pride, inclusivity, and sexual release. Oh yeah, and it also keeps your toy clean.

What’s the Difference Between This and the Regular Toybag?

It’s the orgiastic design that sets it apart. The breasts! The boners! The pegging! How could you resist?

In terms of functionality, it’s exactly the same. It’s made of Tyvek® material you’d find in our other toybags, so it’s hardy, water-resistant, hygienic, and lint-free. Clean one of your toys before popping it in the bag, and it’ll come out looking just as tidy.

Who or What Is Savage Muse?

Savage Muse is the design studio started by Parisa Parnian, an Iranian-American artist, activist, storyteller, and cook. The studio celebrates people’s intersectional identities and creates with an ethic of sex positivity, body positivity, and nonbinary thinking.

When Does the Limited Edition Run Out?

It runs out when we sell out, so don’t drag your feet on this! It never hurts to have a vibrant, safe place to store your go-to toy.