Sapphire VOLTA clit toy on blue velvet
hand holding a Sapphire VOLTA against a blue geometric background
Sapphire VOLTA on a blue geometric background
Volta Sapphire Jewel Packaging


External Vibrator

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A clit vibe in a regal color

  • Seriously strong, bass-tone vibration
  • Fluttering tips sensitize & build arousal
  • Clit toy that also pleases the penis, nipples & more
  • Powerful, yet slim & sleek
  • Easy-to-grasp loop handle
  • Striking Sapphire color


External Vibrator


Rechargeable (with charging level indicator)


6 speeds & 6 patterns


7.44 in and Ø 1.85 in

Insertable length: 5.51 in


0.43 lb

Battery Life

40 - 120 minutes

Charging Time

6 - 8 hours


Body-safe materials, non-porous and hypoallergenic

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Ways to Play with VOLTA

Jewel VOLTA vibrator for powerful clit stimulation

Spoil Your Clit

Hold those fluttery tips against the clit and labia to feel every vibration intensely. Get ready for a thrill ride!

Use Jewel VOLTA for blowjobs

Enhance Your Blowjob

Spread VOLTA’s tips, wrap the shaft with them, and stroke the penis while you suck. You’ll please more of the penis effortlessly.

how to use Jewel VOLTA for couples play during sex

Electrify Couples’ Play

Unlike bulkier vibes, VOLTA’s slim shape slips easily between your bodies, so you can add more stimulation wherever you want it.

A Powerful, Vibrant External Toy

Please your clit, labia, or any other external hot spot with VOLTA. Its unique split shape channels vibrations beautifully, so you feel the full intensity of our powerful, German-engineered motor.

What sets VOLTA apart from other toys?

The toy’s fluttering tips make its vibrations feel bigger, helping to amp up your arousal and build sensitivity. It’s also wildly versatile: You can let the toy tap against your erogenous zones, or press it against yourself to feel more of a classic vibration. It’s also FUN to play with vibration intensity: Start with a soft setting and then build to a big finish!

How can I play with VOLTA?

Above all, VOLTA is a clit toy. Find the best way to please yours by putting the toy’s tips in different places: on either side of the clitoral hood, with one tip against the vaginal opening, against the labia, or whatever works. You can also enhance BJs by lubing the area between VOLTA’s tips and gliding the toy along the penis shaft.

Does VOLTA make a good couples’ toy?

Does it ever! The toy has a slim enough profile that you can slide it between bodies without disrupting the moment. Hold it over the clit during penetration or against the penis head to feel all that motor power where it really counts.

Does this vibrator make a good stroker for trans men?

It definitely does. VOLTA’s tips work great against a testosterone-enhanced clit (or T-dick, or your term of choice).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Jonathan J.
Best clitoral stimulator

My wife loves this thing. This is the second she wore the first one out! It took years.

Ash C.
A favorite I never want to be without

I absolutely love the Volta! It's been a favorite for years and I just re-bought it after my old one died. I'm so happy to have it back after months without. The different ways it can be used all over the body and for varying sensations makes it my most versatile and favorite toy by far. It's absolutely incredible and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Excellent pinpoint stimulation with a unique feel

This is a really great vibrator for light fluttering sensation, and it definitely isn’t like any other vibrator I’ve tried! I like the shape and hand feel, though I do occasionally have trouble with accidentally hitting the power button. My only complaint is that the motor isn’t as powerful as, say, the main motor on my Miss Bi vibrator. I’m a person who likes both pinpoint vibration and the ability to apply pressure to my whole vulva, so while the shape of the Volta is wonderfully conducive to both, the vibrations when I press the flat of it against my vulva are underwhelming.

Volta that couples play to a higher elevation

I bought both the Volta and the Manta for cis-M/F play. I was planning on buying toys and received a serendipitous email with a rare 40% off. The Volta is thus far the favorite, but the Manta may need a bit more of a learning curve, I'll review it later. I believe both are built around the same chassis.

The Volta is delightfully multifunctional. It's teasing flickers added just the right amount of external stimulation for his perineum and anus (external only) to take a handy to everest hights. The toy(tool) is the perfect size that once turned on, I could control and enjoy by gently pivoting and rocking my pelvis and clitoris on the control end of the toy whilst providing anal stimulation of differing pressure. This is our first play session with toy and it was never set above the lowest setting.

Travel lock and easy controls require a mention, easy 2 button travel lock and unlock that don't require working knowledge of Morse code....brilliant! I have dexterity issues and some of my other high end toys require 15 second hold or some constilation of button pressing, I can't turn them on when I want to and then they turn on in my bag. Useless! The bottons are notable in feel, instead of impressions that dont help when you are working w/o vision. He laughed that the toy had a "fun" button, but the button is not wrong.

This toy is impressively quiet. Yes, we only played with it at the lowest setting, but I did cycle through all its settings. Sound, is surprisingly minimal, meaning this toy would also excel in subrosa self-play.

Nina P.