Emerald TIGER vibrator on green velvet
hand holding an Emerald TIGER against a green geometric background
Emerald TIGER on a green geometric background
Tiger Emerald Jewel Packaging


G-Spot Vibrator

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An internal massager with a luxe look

  • Deep vibrations travel the whole shaft
  • Ridges stimulate the vaginal walls or anus
  • Bulbed head for G-spotting or prostate stimulation
  • Flexible shape lets you move freely
  • Rare, limited-edition Emerald color


G-Spot Vibrator


Rechargeable (with charging level indicator)


6 speeds & 6 patterns


8.78 in and Ø 0.79-1.61 in

Insertable length: 4.72 in


0.61 lb

Battery Life

40 - 120 minutes

Charging Time

6 - 8 hours


Body-safe materials, non-porous and hypoallergenic

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Ways to Play with TIGER

Try Jewel TIGER vibrator for masturbation

Hit the Sides and the Back

Let TIGER’s tip hit the G-spot, while the ridges rub against the vaginal walls, for more stimulation in every stroke.

Jewel TIGER bends with your body, for deeper pleasure

Switch Positions

This vibe’s flexible throughout the shaft, so you can hit your hot spots from any angle.

Try Jewel TIGER around your waist for kink

Rope Bunnies, Rejoice!

Thread your rope through the toy’s handle so the shaft hangs close to your clit and labia. Every movement will be an exciting tease.

A G-Spotter in a Jewel Tone

TIGER’s powerful, bass-tone vibrations travel from the handle to the tip, so you get more stimulation from every inch.

What’s unique about this strong, stripey vibe?

You just named two of this toy’s best features: its ultra-powerful motor and raised stripes. Every time you thrust the toy, those perfectly spaced stripes will ripple inside you, awakening nerve endings and unlocking pleasure.

Another great feature? TIGER is made with FlexiFUN Technology™, which means the whole shaft is bendy—there’s no plastic inner core. Move your body however you like, and the toy will move with you. Plus, if you go for the Jewels edition, your TIGER will come in a striking Emerald color that’s rarely seen on sex toys.

You said something about the G-spot?

We sure did! TIGER has a bit of a curve, and a thick band around the tip, so it presses against the G-spot effortlessly. That means hotter play and bigger orgasms for you. Besides its shape, the toy’s strong, deep vibrations will put your pleasure over the top.

That all sounds pretty easy. Is it?

It is, we promise! This toy is especially user-friendly, with a looped handle and raised buttons that you can use in any position, even with slippery lube hands.

Will my external clit feel left out?

Absolutely not. Try lubing up the toy and rubbing it along your clit and labia.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Ellie S.
Why not both?

Very fun! Wish the vibrator was in the tip and not the base though :/

Gail B.



great quality and wife loves it. only issue is when she holds it thru the loop it tends to turn off. buttons should be on down side of it.

Janet S.
Love everything except the handle

Tiger is a GREAT vibrator, with one exception: I cannot find a comfortable way to hold the handle, either with my thumb or with two fingers through the loop, and if I hold it without using the loop, I can hardly keep from turning it off. I would much prefer a solid handle that I can grip in the usual way.

James C.
What are you waiting for?!

Picked up the Tiger from a local shop recently. It's been on my list for awhile, and with the black Friday deals going on everywhere it was finally time.
I wish I had bought this months ago!

The size is perfect, both length and girth. And those ridges sure do encourage thrusting, which feels fantastic