BIG BOSS in Amethyst on purple velvet
hand holding BIG BOSS in Amethyst against a purple geometric background
BIG BOSS in Amethyst against a purple geometric background
BIG BOSS Amethyst Jewel Packaging


XL Vibrator

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A big-yet-approachable vibe

  • Super-strong, bass-tone vibration
  • Realistic design & G-spotting ridge
  • Extra long and girthy
  • Flexible shaft lets you move freely
  • Looped handle is easy to hold
  • Rare, soothing Amethyst color


XL Vibrator


Rechargeable (with charging level indicator)


6 speeds & 6 patterns 


9.25 in and Ø 1.06-1.77 in

Insertable length: 6.5 in


0.75 lb

Battery Life

40 - 120 minutes

Charging Time

6 - 8 hours


Body-safe materials, non-porous and hypoallergenic

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Ways to Play with BIG BOSS

How to play with Jewel BIG BOSS vibrator, use it alone

Play with a Big Ol’ D

If you’re looking for a toy with porn star proportions, you’ve come to the right place. Take it, lay back, and go to town on yourself.

Play with Jewel BIG BOSS XL vibrator with a partner

Share It with a Partner

BIG BOSS is bendy, so you can freely experiment with novel positions and angles.

Use rope around waist with Jewel BIG BOSS loop handle

Tie It Up

You can easily thread a rope through the loop handle and let this toy dangle around your waist. Taunt your partner with it or let it rumble against your labia for a hands-free tease.

A Giant Vibe in a Semiprecious Shade

Size queens, look no further: This toy’s combination of length, girth, and flexibility have made it a bestseller for years!

What’s unique about BIG BOSS?

As you already know, it’s pretty darn big, with 6.5 inches of insertable length. It’s also 1.77 inches across at its widest point. So, yeah. You’re going to feel full. You’re also going to feel comfortable, because this toy is endowed with FlexiFUN Technology™, meaning the shaft is flexible throughout.

So, it’s just a really big vibrating penis?

It’s not “just” a really big vibrating penis! Realistic as the shape is, we’ve also optimized a couple features. The pronounced head is perfect for stroking the G-spot, and the veins along the shaft deliver a light internal massage.

What’s the loop handle all about?

The loop handle is easy to grasp, even if you have lube hands. Ditto the raised buttons, which you can feel in the dark to switch up the vibrations in a snap.

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect for couples

My girlfriend loves it! Just wish it had a couple higher vibration settings.

Jewels Big Boss

I just want to start by saying the Big Boss is my favorite toy. I first heard of Fun Factory at my local sex store when my husband purchased the Tiger for me. We also looked at the Big Boss, but at the time I thought it looked very intimating, but very sexy too. I love how it's super soft and flexible. The veins running down the shaft just add to the sexiness of this toy. I decided to go with the Tiger and love it especially because of it's ridges. Next, I decided to look at FF's website to look more into the Big Boss. Wow, they do have amazing products and I love all the ones I own. While searching, I read more about the Big Boss, I thought I must have this one. I went back to my local shop to purchase it and it is a game changer. The super-soft silicone feels so good inside of me and its length and girth is what makes this toy so wonderful. The lavender color is so sexy. It reminds me of cotton candy. It is huge and has a soft, huge head which I absolutely love and the vibrations are so intense. I love how this guy opens me up and stretches me out. My favorite way to use the Big Boss is to start out with a lot of lube, have my husband slowly insert it and go in and out slowly with it all while lying on my back. When I'm closer to orgasm I love for him to start thrusting it very quickly and hard. It generates a friction inside of my vaginal walls and makes me super wet and even more horny for him. After I cum, it feels so wonderful when taking it out as its long shaft rubs against my walls and swollen inner lips. Yes, my inner lips do swell up using the Big Boss as well as my clit. It hits everything because of its girth. I also had my first vaginal orgasm with the Big Boss so this toy is very special to me. So, if you're thinking about getting one, just go and get it. It's the best. FF, please make a Big Boss 2.

Casey A.


Emma S.


Dan K.
Hit the spot

I'd been trying out different vibes on my wife because I love getting her off. I was getting her feedback on one (as in "real time" feedback) on its feel, shape, etc., and asked her if she'd like to try bigger. I think she didn't want me to take it the wrong way and didn't say "yes" out loud - but it was pretty obvious the answer was an emphatic "YES".

Enter the "Big Boss" (haha, pun definitely intended).

This thing is *big* but not yet crossing over into novelty territory. It's not hard and plasticy or rubbery, but has a supple and smooth feel. The ring grip is easy to use and hold on to. In using it, my wife said she found the vibrations distracting and really just preferred the feeling of me moving it, you know, "manually." We typically use a little clit vibrator anyway so that AND the Big Boss were probably just going to be too much.

She wasn't physically used to orgasming around a shaft that...BIG...and felt like she'd mildly strained some pelvic muscles and had to walk around a bit afterwards. Good stuff and we enjoyed the hell out of it.

Would like to find this same shape and design but sans vibrations.