Fascinator Throw by Liberator in merlot
Fascinator Throw by Liberator in black


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Absorbent Microfiber Blanket

  • Made of supremely soft microfiber
  • Highly absorbent inner moisture barrier
  • Ideal for travel or playing outside of bed
  • Great for squirters or period play
  • Machine-washable
  • Made in the USA


Waterproof throw


72" x 54"


100% polyester microvelvet, waterproof internal layer


Black 14155545

Merlot 14155549


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Better Than a Bucket and a Mop

Getting down means that fluids are flowing, from lube to sweat to spit. In the moment, it’s hot, but then there’s the question of cleanup—and stains. Enter the Fascinator: It soaks up everything during your wet-ass play, so you can squirt, menstruate, or ejaculate without a smidge of self-consciousness.

Can’t I just use a towel?

You can, but it’s not the same. For one thing, body fluids can soak all the way through a towel, while the Fascinator will absorb the stuff completely and keep your furniture (or your kitchen island, or your backseat) dry. For another thing, the Fascinator looks and feels luxurious. Your terry cotton bath towels just can’t compete.

Does it make a weird crinkly noise, like a bag of chips?

It does not!

Why did FUN FACTORY partner with Liberator?

The Atlanta-based brand has a similar code of ethics to ours, including a focus on sustainability. They upcycle their leftover materials and vacuum-compress their toys before packaging them, so they can use less packaging. Plus, they’re good to their factory workers: All their accessories are made in the USA.