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Fun Kit

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A kit to intensify oral & more

  • Two bestselling toys for infinite Os
  • MANTA turns your penis into a vibrator
  • NŌS makes you both climax simultaneously
  • Ylang-ylang massage candle softens every touch
  • 6 exclusive video workshops from Ashley Manta
  • 4 games to help you expand your play 
  • Plus a custom hair scrunchie, just for FUN
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Illustration NOS during penetration

More Orgasmic PIV

Wear NŌS on the penis and get busy—the toy’s arms surround the clit with strong vibrations.

Illustration MANTA blow job

Mind-Blowing Deep Throat

Hold MANTA at the base of the penis while you suck the tip for a powerful deep-throat feeling.

Illustration NOS hand sex

Hotter Hand Sex

Slide NŌS over your fingers and massage the labia and clit.





A Couples’ Kit for Connection & FUN

Combine that hot, first-time feeling with your intimate knowledge of what gets your partner off. The raved-about toys in the BLOW & GLOW Kit bring the fireworks to your favorite acts. Like cowgirl position? NŌS makes the grinding even more stimulating. Like mutual masturbation? Stroke MANTA along the penis and NŌS along the vulva.

The extras in the kit set you up for long, adventurous date nights: Six exclusive videos teach you new techniques, and the rosewood and ylang-ylang scented massage candle invites you to touch your partner all over.

Is this kit just for blowjobs?

It’s great for blowjobs, but it’s not just for blowjobs! During oral, some couples glide MANTA along the shaft of the penis and hold NŌS against the perineum. The vibrations hit all the hot spots at once for an earth-shattering O. But that’s just one way of using the toys. Both toys in the BLOW & GLOW Kit can be used for external clit stimulation, as well, when you’re eating out or whenever you want to make your partner moan.

Won’t I run out of ideas eventually?

Not with this kit! On the inside of the packaging, you’ll get a blowjob-generator game and a Yes/No/Maybe list to get you and your partner talking about what you’re into and what you want to try. Plus, XBIZ’s 2020 Sexpert of the Year, Ashley Manta, made videos to inspire new discoveries between any couple, in any position.

What’s the scrunchie all about?

What do you want it to be about? Get your hair out of the way and go to town on your partner, wrap it around the penis as decoration, or put it on your doorknob to signal that you’re naked in bed. The possibilities are endless!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
George H.I.
Lots of moans

This kit was a hit. The NOS allowed for dual pleasure for both of us and the Manta took oral to the next level. Very satisfied.

Maleta D.
Blow ,and Glow

Really enjoyed the package. Great fun. My guy was a blast. To much fun

Maddie B.

Really fun kit with a lot of extras. Both toys are great additions to our collection. Excellent craftsmanship per usual.

Mind blown

The gf and I added this to our collection and the two toys have quickly become our go to in the bedroom. Couldn’t recommend more! 10/10.

Steve B.
Awesome kit feels amazing

Awesome kit feels amazing