image of three toybags, three OCEAN vibrators, three sets of lube sachets and 3 sets of stickers
image of pink OCEAN vibrator, Tyvek toybag, lube and stickers
handshot of pink OCEAN vibrator against green background
image of sticker sheet with gnomes against blue background


Fun Kit

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  • Good friends get cards, best friends get vibrators
  • Kit includes 3 of each:
  • OCEAN mini vibrator
  • Tyvek ® TOYBAG M 
  • 3 water-based lube sachets
  • a sheet of stickers, just for FUN!


Toy Kit


OCEAN: 5.63 in and Ø 0.91-1.42 in
TOYBAG: 10 in x 4.7 in


Body-safe materials, non-porous and hypoallergenic



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three times the fun

Best friends share everything—but you should probably each have your own vibrator.

Make it a great one while saving big on this beginner-friendly kit! You and you two besties (or three of your besties, if you’re feeling generous) each get our OCEAN vibrator, a versatile toy that’s perfect for the clit or the G-spot, depending on your mood. You also get sachets of toy-safe lube for when you’re feeling internal vibration, and our signature champagne-colored TOYBAG for lint-free storage. Plus, because our toys are German-made and we just can’t help ourselves, we’re including stickers of our FUN FACTORY gnomes posing with your favorite toys.