Image of MANTA, BE ONE, lube, cleaner, and toybag against blue background
Image of MANTA in packaging, BE ONE in packaging, lube, cleaner, and toybag against blue background
handshot of black BE ONE couples vibrator between fingers
handshot of black MANTA vibrating stroker



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Every night is date night

  • Two bestselling couples toys in one kit
  • MANTA's deep, powerful motor turns your penis into a vibrator
  • BE·ONE makes every touch vibrate
  • Sliquid Satin Lube adds effortless glide 
  • YesForLov clitoral stimulation gel intensifies sensation
  • Toy Cleaner and a Tyvek ® TOYBAG M keep things clean


Toy Kit


MANTA: 18 cm, Ø 3 cm
BE·ONE: 2.84 in x 0.79 in
TOYBAG: 10 in x 4.7 in


Body-safe materials, non-porous and hypoallergenic



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You're the vibrator now

Integrate vibration seamlessly into your play while keeping the focus where it belongs—on you and your partner.

The bestselling MANTA is awesome for masturbation and blowjobs, but it really shines during intercourse; hold it at the base of the shaft, and it turns your penis into a vibrator! Whether you’re warming up or just adding in some clit stimulation, slip the BE·ONE between your fingers to make every touch vibrate. Before you get started, prime yourself for intense orgasms by putting on a drop off YesForLov clit stim gel, and promote your sexual health while you play with luxuriously moisturizing Sliquid Satin lube. When you’re done, clean-up is easy with our signature spray cleaner. Store your toys in a lint-free, ultra-hygienic Tyvek® TOYBAG.