Rainbow AMOR
Rainbow AMOR
Rainbow AMOR

Rainbow AMOR

Small Dildo

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A comfortable, Pride-filled dildo

  • Rideable size & shape
  • Girthy tip stimulates the G-spot or prostate
  • Thin base lets you get close during strap-on play
  • Suction base sticks to smooth, flat surfaces
  • 10% of proceeds go to Queer Prom


Small Dildo


5.75 in and Ø 0.91-1.46 in

Insertable length: 4.72 in


0.39 lb


Body-safe materials, non-porous and hypoallergenic

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Ways to play with Rainbow AMOR

How-to illustration shows person wearing a harness with Rainbow AMOR on their knees behind another person

Strap it on

Pair Rainbow AMOR with a harness for natural-feeling thrusts and super-close grinding.

How-to illustration shows two people laying on a bed, the person in front is on their back with legs open while partner holds Rainbow AMOR at their vulva

Like Fingering, supercharged

Guide the toy to any internal hot spot and make your partner moan.

How-to illustration shows a person leaning on a sink in a bathroom with Rainbow AMOR suctioned to the wall behind them

Play standing up

Stick Rainbow AMOR onto any flat surface, from shower walls to mirrored doors, and bounce on it to your heart’s content.

A No-Fail, Versatile Dildo with Pride

When we first made this toy as a limited edition, our FUN fans snapped it up fast and wrote to us asking for more. We heard you, and right in time for Pride, we’re doing another limited release of Rainbow AMOR.

What’s Rainbow AMOR all about?

What do you want it to be about? The dildo’s made of body-safe silicone with an anatomical design, so you can thrust and grind on it however you like, whether you’re mounting it on a chair or pumping it with your hand. It also plays nicely with harnesses, with a thin base that lets you and your partner get super close. However you play, expect a big payoff: The toy has an enlarged tip for G-spotting or prostate stimulation.

It seems small?

It’s actually the size of the average penis! Some people find that dildos on the smaller side are most comfortable. That’s doubly true when you’re on top: Instead of stressing about going too deep, you can wind your hips and bounce away, worry-free.

Anything else I should know?

Yes, actually! We created the packaging in collaboration with Andrea Vollgas, a queer Swiss artist. Her inclusive and sex-positive style is a perfect match for Rainbow AMOR.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Marc A.
I love it

Rainbow AMOR is perfect! It feels like it was built to be inside me.

That's AMOR !

With its size, suction-cup base, slight curve, and a sassy rainbow color scheme, I think the Rainbow Amor is a perfect toy for many of your dildo needs.

Jai D.
Rainbow Climax

I love the toy. It's perfect shape and soft and somewhat flexible. But I wish, I could have gotten medium or even larger model. Bigger Amor would really put me over the Rainbow Climax.