If “sex positivity” implies a feeling of safety and freedom, then it can’t coexist with racism, ableism, or other forms of marginalization. To become better sex educators, writers, designers, salespeople, and individuals in the world, we’re working to confront and transform these prejudices in all their forms, whether overt or unconscious.

In the summer of 2020, people in the U.S. and around the world took to the streets to protest anti-Black racism. Within the adult industry, there has also been a call to address how these systems impact our work and community. We’re offering this workshop to continue that work.


To create a healthy culture of open-mindedness, personal liberation, and pleasure for everyone, our industry needs new tools. This workshop will help you gain those tools by exploring the roots of racism in our field; what anti-racist action might look like; how race, gender, and other politicized factors influence our access to pleasure; and how to see and correct your complicity in harmful patterns.

The workshop will also cover:
  • Supporting your POC coworkers
  • Talking thoughtfully to POC customers
  • Sexual health among queer/trans and disabled folks
  • What consent means in the workplace
  • How management can create an inclusive culture
  • Dynamics between sales and floor staff


Ericka Hart (she/they) is a black queer femme activist, writer, speaker, and award-winning educator with a Master’s of Education in Human Sexuality from Widener University. Her philosophy positions human sexual expression as inextricable from overall human health and its intersections with race, gender, chronic illness, and disability.


The workshop will be held via private YouTube link over the course of two sessions.

First session: Wednesday, February 17th at 11am-1pm PST

Second session: Wednesday, February 24th at 11am-1pm PST

Can't attend on the day-of? Workshops will be viewable for 30 days. Sign up below to register. Links and additional information will be sent via email. This series is open to anyone within the adult industry.

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