So, you’ve decided to sculpt something sexy. You’re our kind of people!

As you develop your design, we hope you take time to tinker and explore, because the point of this experience is to play. Play improves our memory, strengthens our relationships, and boosts happiness. Plus, play is the key to FUN! That’s why you’ll find our team brainstorming over BÜCK DICH ping-pong or taking walks along the river in Bremen.

Ready to get started? Here are some ideas you can try.
  • Go outside and design a butt toy based on the prettiest flower you find
  • Put on some sexy music and sculpt something inspired by the beat
  • Grab a few tools (a fork, butter knife, tweezers, etc.) and carve a design for the surface of a vibe

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Not a retailer? Skip the email and tag us on social. Happy sculpting!