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Who is Bobby Box?

Bobby Box (he/him) is a freelance writer and certified sex educator. He's currently Grindr's sex columnist and his work has been published in Daily Beast, Playboy, AskMen, Elle, NewNowNext, The Advocate, and more. His life’s work is to provide queer people with well-reported information to better educate the community on all things love and sex.  

What he wishes he’d been taught in sex ed:

“I encourage every person with a prostate to take some time to stimulate it. When I went to school, I learned nothing of the pleasures of the prostate aside from its reproductive function, when in reality, the prostate is a deeply pleasurable gland and can be stimulated both internally (through the bum) and externally (through the perineum). A prostate orgasm can be difficult to reach, but they feel pretty fan(ny)-tastic!”

The tip he loves to share now:

“My favorite sex tip is actually about douching. The majority of people douche improperly prior to anal sex. You should only be douching the rectum and not the sigmoid colon, which is six to nine inches beyond the rectum, where stool is stored. If you over-douche, you flush waste out of the sigmoid colon and into the rectum. That leaves the rectum—which most penises and toys come in contact with—messier than if you’d done nothing at all.”

His favorite FUN FACTORY toy (well, favorite sex toy, period): MANTA

Who is Gabrielle Kassel?

Gabrielle Kassel (she/her) is a sex and wellness journalist who writes at the intersection of queerness, sexual health, and pleasure. Her work has appeared in publications such as SELF, Cosmopolitan, Well & Good, Health, Shape, Women’s Health, Greatist, Bustle, and more. In her free time, Gabrielle can be found coaching CrossFit and reviewing pleasure products.

What she wishes she’d been taught in sex ed:

“At this point, people who follow sex educators or sex shops on Instagram may have seen the meme that says ‘I won’t quit until dry fingering gets the same PR as toothy head.’ Well...my favorite basic sex tip is to use ‘water-based’ lube.”

The tip she loves to share now:

“My favorite tip is to implement a practice where you and your partner are talking about sex outside of the bedroom. If that feels far off, a good place to start is talking about sex ~in general~ For example, talk about the sex your friends are having, sex on tv, or sex scenes taking place in movies. Then, use the atmosphere that you're creating around sex and slowly segue into talking about the sex you and your partner are actually having. Every single sex life can be improved through ongoing conversations that involve compliments, compliments, a little suggestion, and even more compliments.”

Her favorite FUN FACTORY toy: SHARVIBE

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