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VIBRATORS – Choosing the right one

Powerful German Motors

Looking to buy the classic sex toy? We think vibrators are pretty magical: they increase arousal, heighten sex with a partner, and have even helped many people reach orgasm for the first time. Three cheers for vibrators! Not sure where to start? Here are some guidelines.


If you know you want an extra powerful vibrator, try something from our RECHARGEABLE STRONG VIBRATOR or BATTERY+ categories. These feature the deep, rumbling vibration our customers love. 

If you want something versatile, try a RECHARGEABLE MINI VIBRATOR. These classic FUN FACTORY vibes feature a wide variety of shapes and colors to inspire your play. 

If you think you’ll use it frequently, try a rechargeable vibrator. These feature our magnetic CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE technology, letting you charge them exactly like you’d charge your phone - but because you don’t plug anything directly into the toy, your vibe is 100% waterproof. 

BATTERY+ VIBRATORS – battery and rechargeable vibrators in one

If you’re on a budget but think you’d like to upgrade later, try a BATTERY+ vibrator. These toys have power that’s comparable to a rechargeable toy, with convenient battery power. You can also upgrade with the HYBRID KIT, which lets you charge rechargeable batteries inside your toy using a CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE cable, thanks to our smart charging technology. Even better, they’re 100% waterproof.


If you think you’ll use it only occasionally or if you don’t have private space to charge a toy, go for a BATTERY VIBRATOR or try one of the BATTERY+ line. You could also get a rechargeable toy and invest in a TOYBOX storage container, which lets you charge your toy while it stays hidden away.


No matter what you choose, your vibrator is made of body-safe materials, including our premium medical-grade silicone. Plus, they all come with a two-year warranty!