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Support your SEXUAL WELLNESS - Self-Care for Better Sex

Want better sex for years to come? It’s not just about learning fancy new oral sex techniques or experimenting with athletic sexual positions. One of the best things that you can do for your sex life is to look after your sexual wellness. That’s why we’ve created a line of products designed to help you get your body ready to have the best sex ever. 
Curious about what you can do to boost your sex life? We have some ideas.

Smartballs: Your Kegel workout for bigger orgasms

Your pelvic floor muscles are responsible for lots of important things, like holding your organs in place, preventing incontinence, making childbirth happen, and of course, orgasm. When you work out your pelvic floor, it becomes stronger, giving you more control and more powerful climaxes. We designed our SMARTBALLS DUO and SMARTBALL UNO to help. Each ball has a loose weighted ball inside that provides resistance, making your muscles work harder without you even noticing. Start using them for 15-30 minutes a couple of days a week, and you’ll start to notice results.

Have better periods – with a menstrual cup 

FUN FACTORY designed a menstrual cup that is shaped for your body! The FUN CUP provides up to 12 hours of period protection, without the side effects of other methods. While tampons dry you out and cause micro-tears, leaving you more susceptible to infection, this medical grade silicone cup collects blood, rather than absorbing it, making it gentle on your skin and great for your sexual wellness. Of course, the FUN FACTORY menstrual cups meet the highest quality requirements.

Warm yourself up with the perfect vibrator

As your body changes with age, you may notice that it takes longer for you to get physically aroused, even when you want to have sex. Vibration from a toy like the LAYA II stimulates the nerve endings in your genitals, bringing more blood to the surface and thereby boosting arousal.