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Sex & Fun

 Amp up your orgasms in five easy steps!

Not sure what anal beads do, exactly? Just follow along.

  • Get your butt ready for some fun. 
  • Lube up your anal beads.
  • Insert the beads, one bead at a time, as far as you want them.
  • Do whatever gets you the hottest.
  • As you're reaching orgasm, pull out your anal beads slowly. Your butt's contractions will take your orgasm to the next level! 

Not sure which set of FUN FACTORY anal beads is right for you? 

  • The friendly FLEXI FELIX gives you the feel of string of beads, except that the whole thing is made of smooth, comfy, easy-to-clean silicone. Its base fits between your cheeks, letting you put your focus on other play once you’ve inserted the beads.
  • BENDYBEADS make insertion a breeze, with their pleasantly firm silicone form. Their extra-stimulating design makes them even more fun to slip in and out.