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Stay in and get off!

Whether you're masturbating more than ever, or working out how to find "me" (or "us") time while the whole family's home, we're putting our sex educators and "FUNsexuals" to the task of helping you get off while staying in. We're bringing you FUNsexual activities, some fresh ideas for getting creative with your pleasure and play, and a whole lot of encouragement!

FUNsexual activity 4

Ready to amp up your video chat hangs? FUNsexual activity #4 is a mad libs-style game sure to get you and your pals ______ing each other's ______ ;) Ring a friend or 3 and get playing!



Crossword Puzzles

Okay, smartypants. This one's for you. Whether you're a crossword maven or an amateur with a sense of adventure and a generous eraser, FUNsexual Activity #3 is sure to get you going.



More of a wordsmith than an artist? The FUNsexual Activity #2 is here, and it's a word search. Discover your sexual fortune or compete with your partner to find words—winner gets a sexual favor of their choice!


FUNsexual Activity book 1

Meet the FUNsexual Activity Book (#1!). Coloring is a great, low stakes, playful way to get creative, and it can even be meditative. As we do, we've added a little dose of sexy to your FUN.


What else should you do while you're staying inside?

top masturbation tips

Make sure you've got the basics covered

Maybe you've got a system, maybe not. But now's a great time to revisit what you know about masturbation and pleasure, and to try some new things. Plus, changing up how you get off not only feels good, but it can teach you a whole host of new things about your own body!


quickie tips

Perfect your Quickie technique

Sure, everyone's talking about having all this extra time at home, but that also means privacy might be at a minimum. With kids and/or roommates in the same house around the clock, perfecting the technique of the sneaky - but still sexy! - quickie is a must.


boost your health with sex

Boost your immune system

With... sex? That's right! We know you're already paying a lot of attention to washing your hands and keeping them away from your face. You've got this. Now you can add sex and pleasure to your health regimen. We've got 6 great ways that having some FUN will keep you healthy.

what's up, doc?

Feeling inspired? Try these favorites