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Sex Toy

Thrilling sex toys for her and him

Dildos, vibrators and other sex toys not only ignite fantasies they also promise a variety of passionate sensations – just give yourself over to a thrilling game.

Find your personal favorite gem at FUN FACTORY. 

Sex toys – a must for all courageous pioneers of passion

Sex toys deliver furore, excitement, highly erotic moments and a ton of fun. And sometimes inhibitions. If you know how to handle sex toys, with some inspiring accessories you can make your sexuality thrilling. Naturally there are loads of questions about sex toys. What are the different sex toys? Which toy should you choose? Where is this best place to buy it? What do you need to watch out for when using it? And last but not least – how can you overcome preconceptions and inhibitions when it comes to these exciting playmates?

The array of sex toys is huge. Dildos, vibrators, love balls, AnalTOYS, StrongTOYS, toys just for men or specially designed for women. Battery operated, rechargeable, pulsating or vibrating companions can all be chosen according to personal preferences. You can quickly find a good dealer on-line, or in well-known shops you'll find the shelves also have something to offer. FUN FACTORY offers stores with personal consulting in Bremen or Berlin and the same range and depth of erotic toys can be found at us.funfactory.com

Generally speaking you should make sure that products only use medical-grade silicone which happily is the case with all FUN FACTORY sex toys. Silicone is much more user friendly than latex because it is more hygienic and doesn't age. As always when you are exploring new realms, it is best to feel your way around slowly and gradually get used to handling sex toys. Little by little you can work your way up in size and intensity of the toy. And inhibitions will fall to the wayside all by themselves.

Erotic numbers and facts that get under your skin  

In Germany sex toys are no longer a taboo. Every other German owns a sex toy or could imagine buying one. Only 6% of German women own a sex toy that their partner isn't aware of. But why lie when 63% of men don't fear any competition from vibrators and Co.? 41% of men and 45% of women regularly experience the “Big O” thanks to sex toys. Who knew that?

Want to know more, then got to the how-to book “Mut zu Sextoys” (not available in English) from FUN FACTORY to read up on other exciting facts.