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Can’t find your G-spot? Think it’s a myth? Love G-spot play, but feel like it’s an awful lot of work sometimes? Wish it could just be easy, effortless, and FUN? Looking for a gift that will make your sweetie gasp? The search is over. The STRONIC G is designed to target the G-spot and give it exactly the kind of thrusting, pulsing sensations it craves. With a serious curve and a firm tip, the STRONIC G is perfect for hitting that spot just right. Plus, its rhythmic thrusts provide exactly the kind of massage that experts recommend for deepening and strengthening your orgasm.

Where the heck is the G-spot and how do I reach it? 

The G-spot isn’t a “spot,” exactly: it’s an area of erectile tissue on the front wall of your vagina (toward the belly, not the back) that responds to pressure and motion. It’s a little more textured than the skin around it, and when you’re aroused, it can become more prominent. You can use it by hooking a finger or two up toward it in a “come hither” motion - or by using a toy with the perfect curved shape. Ahem.

I love rhythmic massage on my G-spot, but...



... when I try to do it with my hand or a dildo, my wrist gets tired just as I’m getting into it!

Some people are lucky enough to be able to reach their own G-spot like it’s no thing. For many of us, it involves twisting into awkward shapes and holding our wrists and arms in positions that aren’t conducive to the kind of sustained back-and-forth movement the G-spot wants. Even with toys, it can be challenging to maintain a steady rhythm for as long as you want it. 

Luckily, the STRONIC G thrusts back and forth on its own, so you can either just use a hand to steady it or even pick a hands-free position, and let this toy work its magic. Pick your favorite setting, give your wrist a break and give yourself an orgasm.



I love combining G-spot play with clit stimulation, but...

... it can feel like trying to rub my belly while patting my head! Same problem when my partner uses their fingers during cunnilingus - multitasking can throw off the whole rhythm.

Yeah, that’s a real thing. Did we mention that the STRONIC G thrusts on its own, without you having to do a thing? Even if you use a hand to steady it, you can use that hand to focus on your clit, please your partner, reach for your favorite vibrator (we love the LAYA II for pairing with penetration), or whatever else is going to feel amazing. 

Pro tip: Want to warm up before G-spot play? The back-and-forth motions of the STRONIC G also feel awesome against the clit.