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Sex & Fun


Sexy vacation season is here, which means that it’s time to figure out how to get from point A to point B with the toys you’ll want to play with when you get there. Here’s a quick and dirty guide to traveling with your sex toys.

#1 Choose a toy with a travel lock or remove the batteries

If your toy can get knocked around and pushed against without turning on, you’re good to go. No one wants to stand around awkwardly while the TSA searches your buzzing bag. You can pop the batteries out of a vibe like MR BOSS, while a rumbling rechargeable vibe like the VOLTA has a lock function for worry-free travel. (The entire STRONIC line does too!)

#2 Pick a few essentials

Toys can get heavy! Spare yourself a sore back by being choosy about what comes with you. We like the petite, flickering VOLITA or the slim BOOTIE S plug for ease of travel. 

#3 Bring sample size packs of lube

If you’re flying, you’ll need to stick to bottles of 3.4oz (like our TOYFLUID) or less anyway. For shorter trips, a collection of pillow packs or small sealed bottles you can use up and throw away will mean you won’t have to worry about lube spilling into your suitcase on the trip home.

#4 Bag it up

Keep your sexy supplies in a small, separate bag within your suitcase, like one of our opaque TOYBAGS. (Try our Karim Rashid design for extra style!) That way, if you get searched on your way through airport security, you’ll have a moment to quietly alert the TSA agent as to what’s in the bag and ask for discretion, rather than having them pull out a purple STRONIC REAL in full view of everyone.

#5 Check your large toys and hardcore BDSM implements

If it’s over 7”, and especially if it’s made of a hard material like metal or glass, your dildo might qualify as a weapon, and you should check it. Also, be aware of how your BDSM toys might be perceived. While riding crops can fly in carry-on baggage, larger toys like bullwhips must be checked.

#6 Be honest

If you’re going through security and an agent asks you what’s in your bag, just tell them. Be brief, be matter-of-fact, and seriously, don’t lie to a TSA agent about what’s in your suitcase. It’s not worth missing your flight. 

#7 Check the laws

If you’re traveling out of the country, make sure that there are no laws that prohibit you taking a sex toy into the country you’re visiting. While many countries have pornography laws, sex toys are usually a safe bet, but it’s better to know for certain! 

While this may not be a complete list be sure to put these countries on your no vibe list: Thailand, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.



Are you already on your way to your holiday adventure? No problem! The ultimate Travel Checklist is now available for download.