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Sex & Fun

Tap into your body’s potential for pleasure, and explore your prostate!

Warm up & dive in. 

Before you put anything in your butt, get relaxed and turned on. Then, press gently against your butthole with a finger or a small toy, like you’re ringing a doorbell. Don’t force it; your ass will let you know when it’s ready.

Find your rhythm.
The prostate loves a firm and steady pressure, but you get to find the exact speeds and sensations that make your body hum. Try vibration, focused massage, broader circles, long, slow strokes, and more.

Let your partner in on the FUN

Hand them the keys to your pleasure, whether that means massaging your perineum during your next BJ or strapping it on.

Let a plug do the work for you.
You don’t have to obsess about your ass in order to enjoy prostate play. Whether you’re jacking off or playing with a partner, a curved butt plug is a hands-free way to keep enjoying your p-spot.