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Sex & Fun

Kegels: Bigger Orgasms & Better Health

People keep talking about “doing your Kegels,” and you just smile and nod. You know vaguely that you’re supposed to be doing some exercises (?) with your vagina (???) or your butt (???????), but what does that even mean? We’re here to answer your questions:

Okay, what is a Kegel?

Kegel exercises are designed to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which you use for important things like childbirth, not peeing every time you laugh, and of course orgasm!

My pelvic floor muscles seem to be working just fine. Why do I need to exercise them?

Stronger muscles can mean bigger, better orgasms! The exercises also increase blood flow to the area, improving overall genital health. Plus, having greater muscle control can mean better sex – you can tighten and relax your muscles in ways that kick things up a notch for both you and your partner. 

You had me at “bigger, better orgasms.” Where do I start?

To find the right muscles, wait until you have to pee. Then, stop the urine midstream. Congratulations! You’re using your pelvic floor muscles. (Note that you’ll want to do your Kegels with an empty bladder.)

And then I… exercise them?

You do! First, focus on tightening your pelvic floor muscles slowly, on a count of five. Hold them for a count of five. Then, release them on a count of five. Eventually, you can work up to doing each step on a count of ten. Try to do three sets of ten every day. You should see a difference within a few months.

I heard that there are weights I can use. Like tiny barbells?

The most popular kind of weight is a set of vaginal Kegel balls, also called ben wa balls. You lube them up, insert them, and hold them inside you. You can do exercises with them or just keep them in for 30 minutes at a time while you go about your day. Start with a set that’s larger and lighter, since it will be easier for you to hold onto. You can also use a weighted plug like the B BALLS to do anal Kegels!


These hollow Kegel balls have round weights inside them that bounce and roll as you move, for a fun sensation and a better workout.

UNO: Great for beginners and for anyone with a tilted uterus or who has had a hysterectomy

DUO: Recommended for everyone else


B BALLS: The same principle as the Smartballs, for your butt! They’re also pretty rad for taking partner sex or even spanking to the next level.