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    • All FUN FACTORY toys are invented, developed, designed AND handcrafted in Bremen, Germany.

Sex & Fun

# 1 In 1996 Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl, recent university graduates, sat down to design a silicone dildo. This is FUN FACTORY’s origin story.

#2 Bauer and Pahl wanted to make a visually appealing, body-safe alternative to the hyper-realistic, flesh-tone, chemical-smelling sex toys that made up the market at the time.

#3 The first FUN FACTORY dildo was called Paddy Penguin. No prizes for guessing what it was shaped like.

#4 Wondering where FUN FACTORY’s fanciful designs came from? Our founders used to use Play-Doh to make models of their ideas for new toys. Now, our best designs get 3D printed, so that we can make adjustment before we build molds for them.

#5 In 2000, FUN FACTORY moved to our state-of-the-art facility on the Weser River in Bremen, Germany. Now, we make toys while staring poetically out at the water.

#6 In 2008, we became the first sex toy manufacturer ever to win a mainstream design award, for the DELIGHT.

#7 We were also one of the first to make a rechargeable and waterproof toy. We call it Click’n’Charge. So, you’re welcome for that.

#8 Another somehow first: making a vibrator out of medical grade silicone. We’re such trendsetters.

#9 Oh and btw, we invented the PULSATOR - a toy that thrusts on its own, for hands-free fun.

#10 Y’all love pink. It’s our bestselling color across the board.

#11 You also love strap-on play. We’ve sold about 20,000 ShareVIBEs, our vibrating double dildo, in the last year.

#12 Interestingly, we sell significantly more COBRA LIBRE II penis vibrators in China and Japan than anywhere else in the world. Our sales department attributes that to a lack of stigma about men using toys. High fives, China and Japan!

#13 FUN FACTORY toys are designed, produced, and packaged under one roof, giving us one of the smallest carbon footprints in manufacturing.

#14 Our silicone is hand-poured and even hand-finished by our highly trained factory staff, without the use of abrasive chemicals to smooth out any unwanted texture. 

#15 FUN FACTORY’s Generation 5 toys (G5) are flexible, for endless positions and an extra wild play with yourself and or your partner. We call this our FlexiFUN Technology™ – let the TIGER, BIG BOSS and Co, move with your motion!

#16 Our comprehensive recycling practices save about 40 tons of resources a year!

#17 The FUN FACTORY offices are even filled with art made from repurposed leftover silicone by DNS, a factory employee!

#18 Even our packaging is eco-friendly: made of recycled cardboard without plastic or glue and printed in Germany using soy ink.

#19 It's not just our business that's international - our staff is too! Fun Factory employs people from over 20 countries!

#20 Patchy Paul is our signature vibrator and our #1 bestseller in Europe. Last year, we put up a giant inflatable Patchy Paul that stared majestically out over the river.

Cheers, Patchy. Here’s to another twenty years of FUN.