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My new vibrator can not be switched on. Why?

Please make sure you deactivated the key lock.
To unlock your toy click the + button (or the big point button) and the fun button at the same time for about 1 – 4 seconds. The toy now vibrates once. You can now start the toy by clicking on the FUN button (also 1 – 4 seconds).

I can't operate my SmartVIBE anymore. Why?

First check if the batteries are correctly inserted and if the cap is really screwed on. A loose connection can be fixed quite easily by exchanging the control unit cap. We deliver the replacement caps free of charge. All we need is your address.

When I close the cap my SmartVIBE immediately begins to operate. Is the toy defective?

No, it just means the batteries have been inserted incorrectly. To operate your toy don't use rechargeable batteries but rather normal 1.5 volt batteries. After using your toy it's best to remove the batteries and leave the battery compartment open.

The COBRA LIBRE can't be operated. How do I operate the toy correctly?

Load the toy for at least 12 hours. Clean the sensory button with a cloth. The buttons must be free of any oils. Operate the toy using the sensory button on the left and right hand sides.

How long can I wear SMARTBALLS?

To start off we recommend wearing them for around fifteen minutes and to steadily increase the time with each training. The SMARTBALLS should not remain in the body for more than a few hours, because even your pelvic floor muscles need a break.

The strongest training effect comes from using them regularly. We recommend 2-3 times a week.

What do I do when the retrieval band on the SMARTBALLS rips?

Normally the band should not tear. A bearing capacity of 4-8 kilos and improved quality should prevent this from happening. The band in the new SMARTBALLS is shorter and more powerful, making it even more secure. If, however, worse comes to worse, SMARTBALLS can be removed using your fingers. SMARTBALLS are NOT suitable for anal use.

My rechargeable product can't be recharged. What am I doing wrong?

Check if there is magnetic contact to the loading point. If the head of the loading cable isn't lit up when the toy is connected this could mean that the cable is defect. If you're not sure, it's best to contact our customer support.