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Pride 2020

We spoke to Parisa Parnian, founder of inclusive design brand Savage Muse. Over the last year, Parisa has partnered with FUN FACTORY to create vivid new illustrations for Pride, the how-to sections on our website, and of course the limited edition Pride 2020 Bandana for all the cuties celebrating from home.

Parisa, tell us more about Savage Muse!

SAVAGE MUSE is part design studio, part event/community organizing, and part culinary + food experience curation.

I created SAVAGE MUSE as a multi-media platform for creative design, culinary exploration, storytelling and social engagement for people on the rich and vivid spectrum of inter-sectional identities- especially the QTBIPOC, sex-positive, and body-positive communities.

You created these video chat backgrounds of lively, jam-packed Pride scenes to help people get in the spirit during remote celebrations. Obviously, Pride 2020 is going to be very different from years previous. What are your hopes for the queer community right now? For Pride itself?

My hopes for the queer/trans community during these unprecedented times is that we can find ways to continue to connect, find joy and pleasure and feel seen and celebrated—despite our inability to gather together in groups right now. I have been inspired and comforted by all the video chat dance parties, skill share sessions, and workshops that the queer community is offering to each other during this time of social isolation.

I hope that these joyous and sexy video chat backgrounds can help lift the spirit of my fellow queers during this 2020 PRIDE!

You’ve done some pretty explicit how-to illustrations for FUN FACTORY! Have you ever done work like that before?

You're not kidding when you say I did some pretty explicit illustrations for y'all!  I have never done anything at this level of explicitness for a brand or client before.  Have I imagined some of these scenarios in my own head? Absolutely! But it is next level when you put pen to paper and make these images come to life.

by Parisa Parnian

What was the process like for you? Anything that surprised you?

The process of creating the various illustrations for FF, from the video chat backgrounds to the How To's involved a tremendous amount of research to find the perfect poses and anatomical references for each body I created.

What surprised me was how STILL the internet is mostly filled with images of skinny, straight, white people when it comes to sexual content.  I had to use my imagination quite a lot in order to create an array of diverse bodies, gender expression and ethnicities for my illustrations.

From a design perspective, what's your favorite FF toy?

I am extremely impressed by the design and engineering that goes into all Fun Factory toys. Each toy looks like a sculpture/work of art! I would have to say from a design perspective my favorite toy is a tie between the Sharevibe and the Bi-Stronic Fusion.

What’s your favorite post-sex snack?

Well, I love morning sex...so for me, a lazy brunch I cook in my kitchen or my lover's kitchen is my idea of a post-sex snack.

 What else do you have in the mix right now? Are there upcoming Parisa Parnian/Savage Muse projects that we should keep an eye out for?

Many of the projects I was working on when the pandemic hit were a combination of design, food and event planning. Those have been put on hold, including a very exciting collaboration with artists + chefs in Mexico City. What I do have in the mix right now is creating an illustrated food memoir that will bring together my stories as a queer Iranian immigrant artist and culinary storyteller!

To see more of Parisa's work, check out her Instagram or her website. Photo Credit: Jorge Kong.