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Masturbation May

It's Masturbation May!

When you always masturbate the same way, you train your body to only orgasm one way. That’s why we’re hitting refresh this Masturbation May with weekly challenges to shake up your routine and help you discover the many kinds of orgasms you can have.

Each week we'll give you...

  • A downloadable checklist designed to shake up your routine
  • Our top toy recommendations to take it to the next level, and
  • A discount on those toys!

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Week 4 Checklist


For the final week of #MasturbationMay, go back to basics by focusing on your senses. Heighten your awareness of touch by curating what you see and hear, or play with an incredibly nerve-rich hotspot that often gets overlooked during solo play.

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Week 4 is all about sensation, so we're giving you 20% off of two of our most sensational toys: the BE·ONE vibrator and the B BALL UNO plug. The BE·ONE is incredible for awakening your whole body, slipping easily between two fingers and adding vibration to every touch. The B BALL UNO butt plug has a weighted ball inside that rumbles and rolls with your motion, rewarding you for every move.

This week only get 20% off any BE·ONE or B BALL UNO when you enter code 'MAYsturbate' at checkout!