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Love Toys for Women

Explosive Love Toys for Her

Sex toys for women enrich erotic fun enormously. Whether vibrators, dildos or love balls – the selection is huge and the spectrum of desires inexhaustible.

Solo, together or always something new – discover your favourite love toy.

Spoiled for choice – love toys for women

FUN FACTORY offers an array of exciting love toys just for women. Women’s most popular toys are dildos and vibrators. The phallus shaped sex toys help women with masturbation. But that is definitely not all. Love balls, lay-on vibrators or anal toys are also on the march. But what are the most seductive toys for a woman?

Classic Vibrators – STRONIC, PATCHY PAUL & Co

The variety of classic vibrators is so huge that everyone can find something. From mini vibrator to luxury vibrator, everything is on offer. Whether small, big, red or blue – the versatile toys are true multi-talents when it comes to bestowing special moments of desire. First and foremost, they are suited for internal use, yet vibrators also pleasure the clitoris and other erogenous zones on the body, promising unimaginable explosions of feeling.

Mini-Vibrators – perfect fun for on the road 

Traveling alone? Then don't forget these little fun-makers. FUN FACTORY Mini Vibrators are so small that they fit in any handbag, yet they bestow big sensations. They are particularly suitable as a discrete travel companion, promising a little relaxation after a hard day.

Dildos – for climaxes of passion 

Dildos come in different materials for different preferences, for example, silicone, glass, aluminum, or wood. Knobby, ribbed, or wavy – these exciting toys are just as diverse in look as in ways to use them. Whether solo or together with a partner, with these companions love games become a thrilling adventure.

Love balls – just 15 minutes a day is enough

Vaginal balls such as SMARTBALLS from FUN FACTORY are little training tools for the pelvic floor muscles which promise more fun during sex and more intense feelings. While little magical balls rotate inside, a woman can go about her everyday activities undisturbed. Every movement strengthens the pelvic floor getting a woman ready for passionate sexual experiences after training. The effort is small, but the effect is huge.