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  • Get a FREE B BALL UNO with every purchase*
  • A silicone paddle with a dildo handle
  • Two toys in one
  • Light-to-intense sensation
  • Kinky play meets extreme pleasure
  • Body-safe materials - Love yourself
  • *Valid through March 17th, 2019
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Spanking Meets Seduction

Impact enthusiasts rejoice! The BÜCK DICH (“Bend Over” in German) is half powerful paddle, half extra-stimulating dildo, and 100% kinky. 

  • Firm-yet-flexible for extra impact
  • Plastimorph core for better control
  • Non-porous and easy to clean
  • Designed and handcrafted in Germany
  • 100% medical-grade silicone
  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy to clean with TOYCLEANER or water and mild soap
  • 12,40 in. and Ø 1,73 in. (5,07 in.), 390 gram.

Bring your kinky fantasies to life by teasing and pleasing your partner with the same tool. This reinforced silicone paddle lets you start off with light taps and progress to a spanking that’s sure to satisfy even the most enthusiastic kinkster. Once they’re hot and bothered, flip the paddle around and use its ridged handle (designed after our bestselling STRONIC DREI!) to show their G-spot or prostate who’s boss. 

This silicone paddle makes a nice alternative to standard wood or leather toys. It can deliver a rhythmic spanking or a stinging thwack, and it’s fully sterilizable, in case you want to share the love. Its firm plastimorph core gives you more control over the strength of your smacks and guarantees that your toy will hold its shape. The fantasy and practice of using your paddle’s handle as a dildo is not a new one: we’ve just made it easier, safer, and way more fun! 

  • SKU: 96203 - EAN 4032498962030 (red)
  • SKU: 96208 - EAN 4032498962085 (black)

This toy can be used anally.


Paddle: Light-to-intense sensation.


It’s submersible waterproof!


All FUN FACTORY toys are invented, developed, designed AND produced in Bremen, Germany.


FUN FACTORY offers a diverse and colorful spectrum of toys all made with 100% medical-grade silicone!


Carefully clean the toy before first use and after each use with warm water and a mild soap. The CLEANER is especially suited for cleaning erotic toys as well as for gently washing genital areas.


A few drops of water-based lubricant ensure comfort when inserting your toy. FUN FACTORY recommends our TOYFLUID, which is especially manufactured for use with toys.

WARNING: The use of silicone-based lubricants, oils, and creams (suntan lotion or sunscreen, lip care products, essential oils, coconut oil, and edible oils of all types) can cause irreversible damage to the control unit and the entire toy. Please DO NOT use any of the products listed above in combination with a FUN FACTORY toy. The use of any of these products with your toy may void your warranty.


For more information please download our user manual.


12,40 in. and Ø 1,73 in. (5,07 in.) 390 gram.


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