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Fun Factory Covid19 Statement

Come Together

Here at FUN FACTORY, we're all about connection, exploration and play.

We know that this is a very serious situation. We know that it might take awhile to get back to “normal.” And we also know that sex, pleasure, and joyful experimentation remain important, even in uncertain times. We are centering safety, compassion, and sex positivity for our customers, retailers, and our team.

Here's how:

We're prioritizing health and safety

All FUN FACTORY staff who are able to work from home are doing so. Our warehouse is still open, but we have limited hours and staggered shifts to reduce contact, and there is hand sanitizer at every station. As always, we offer 18 sick days that are readily available to any employee who needs it. The health and safety of our warehouse team is a top priority – should the recommendations change, we will adjust immediately.

At this time there is no documented risk of transmission via mail. Because of increased demand on online shopping, delivery times may be delayed. We appreciate your patience.

Our customer service team is answering all questions and warranty claims by email, Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm PST. Please visit our contact page, or email us at customerservice@funfactory.com.

We're highlighting sex positive retailers

Right now, sex positive retailers need your support.

Our industry is built on the passion and ambition of sex positive retailers and their staff. These stores don’t just sell toys, accessories, and books. They also provide free, quality sex education through conversations with the staff and workshops, encouraging exploration, pleasure and FUN.

Now is the time to support your local shops by buying from their online sites. Many retail fronts are making the difficult decision to close their doors temporarily to keep their staff and customers safe. We’ll be highlighting these retailers in our social media and newsletter, stay in the loop with the hashtag #sexstillsells.

Have all the toys you could want right now? Many shops offer gift certificates for later use.

We're washing our hands, we're not touching our faces, and we're curating the best content for you

WHO knew we touched our faces so much?!

Really though, we're all in this together. Sure, we're a sex toy brand, but we do believe that there is no better time to connect with yourself and/or your partner. Orgasms boost your immunity and connection warms your spirit.

We'll be keeping in touch with ideas on how to make the most of any new "down time," and ways to have some much needed moments of FUN!

Until then, stay safe and masturbate!