Ways to Play with NŌS

How to Play with NOS

NŌS isn't like any other c-ring you’ve seen before. For one thing, our toy is made of stretchy, comfy, body-safe silicone. For another thing, NŌS has two clit-hugging extensions, so it stimulates everyone at once, building to a big, simultaneous climax.

So, how do you use it? We’re glad you asked.


How to play with FUN FACTORY NOS

Wear NŌS During Penetration

Lube it up and put it right over the penis. Unlike most other c-rings, NŌS is designed to be worn on the shaft, with the same erection-boosting benefits as a typical behind-the-balls placement. It works because NŌS has two raised pressure points on the opening, so it squeezes the penis in the right places. And because NŌS is worn on the shaft, you can put it on whether you’re hard or not, making your play that much more spontaneous.

Depending on the sex positions you’re into, you’ll probably want to face the toy different ways. The two curvy arms on NŌS are designed to sit on either side of the clit (to be super nerdily specific, they hit the nubby external part, aka the glans). And the two German-engineered motors are actually inside the extensions, so the feeling is super intense. 

So, when you’re doing missionary or cowgirl, have the legs facing up and out, so they reach the right spot. When you’re doing reverse cowgirl, doggie style, lap sitting, or anything anal, have the legs facing down and out. 

Put NŌS Around a Dildo

No penis? No problem! Put NŌS around a dildo or vibe to transform it into a rabbit vibrator. This is also a great option for strap-on play.

Make It Rumble During Solo Play

Wear NŌS with the legs facing down and inward, so they vibrate against your perineum (aka taint). Then, touch yourself just how you like, and let the extra squeeze and stimulation intensify every stroke.

Use It to Blow Someone Away

With the toy sitting against the perineum, like in the scenario above, go down on your partner for more mind-blowing oral.

Eat Better with NŌS

While you’re performing oral sex on your partner, keep NŌS nearby. When your person is turned on and wanting more, stimulate the vagina with your fingers, and with the other hand, rub the clit with NŌS. It’s the perfect way to bring your partner to ecstasy, even after your jaw gets tired.

Slide NŌS on Your Fingers

Insert your fingers in the ring, and position the toy so the FUN FACTORY logo faces your palm and the extensions point toward your wrist. While you’re hitting the right spots internally—on yourself or on a partner—NŌS will rumble thrillingly against the clit.

NOS deep sea blue vibrating ring for couples


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