Summer Playlist Roundup

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We’ve been waiting for it a long time, and we need the horniest summer on record to be nothing short of spectacular.

We want people walking up to hotties at the bar and fearlessly starting conversations. Or initiating meet-cutes at the merch table after concerts. We want everyone carrying a clean pair of undies in their purse, briefcase, or backpack at all times. At dawn, we hope the streets fill with people of all ages and body types, heading back to their own apartments for a quick shower before work.

If you’re still reading this, you probably share our vision, and we want to support you in running wild. Music is an aphrodisiac and a confidence-booster. It can give you the courage to write your number on a napkin or invite a babe into the bedroom. When you’re flying solo, it reminds you to lavish yourself with the sensual attention you deserve.

So we’re supporting you, and anyone else who’s going out for FUN, with playlists for any mood and any purpose. Plus, we have toy recommendations for each concept, so you can immerse yourself fully in your desires.


Laya II Vibrator Toy Paring

For Any and All Ho Behavior:
25 Years of Slutty Summers

Since FUN FACTORY started in 1996, we’ve had 25 hot ‘n’ wild summers of horndog antics. Reexperience the sweaty highlights with us, and create some new ones, with this greatest hits collection.

Toy pairing: LAYA II is a multi-talented external vibe that stimulates pretty much any body. It’s a classic for a reason.



Bootie S Toy Pairing Anal Plug

For Focusing on Butts:

If you want to see someone’s cheeks bounce, clap, or shake, this playlist is the move. It’ll get you dancing and remind everyone in the room of the glory of the human ass.  

Toy pairing: BOOTIE S is our blockbuster butt plug, popular because it’s comfy for beginners and still FUN for experts. 



NOS cock ring vibrator For Steamy Marathon Sessions:
Songs to Undress To

These are the songs to play as you’re uncorking red wine or lighting a massage candle. They’re groove-driven and intimate, and sound best in the dark.

Toy pairing: NŌS vibrates against both partners, encouraging you to grind together, closer than ever, for a big simultaneous orgasm. 



SUNDAZE vibrating thruster For Luxurious Explorations:
SUNDAZE in Los Angeles

Airy, relaxing songs leave you feeling comfortable in your skin and in the mood for play. This is the perfect mix for taking your time on masturbation or experimenting some with your partner.

Toy pairing: SUNDAZE is a pulsator and vibrator in one, meaning it self-thrusts and rumbles. The toy stimulates more types of nerve endings than most, so it’s perfect for experimenting with everything and learning what you like.