SHARE VIBE PRO Raises the Bar for Double Dildos

Gabrielle Kassel holding a Sharevibe double dildo from Fun Factory
By Gabrielle Kassel

The first line of my resume might as well read “Professional Dildo Reviewer.” As a queer sex educator and sex journalist, I regularly review dildos, teach pegging workouts, write how-to guides, and use the written word to convince people to add a few more silicone shafts into their sex lives. So, at risk of sounding self-important, I’d argue that all of my professional experience—combined with my unparalleled love of strapping on for solo, partnered, and group play—makes me uniquely qualified to tell you about FUN FACTORY’s latest creation: SHARE VIBE PRO. 

Launched last month, SHARE VIBE PRO is an upgraded version of SHAREVIBE, which historically has been regarded as the best double-ended dildo on the pleasure product market by sex educators everywhere (myself included). Well, after getting my hands (and holes) on SHARE VIBE PRO, I’m convinced this latest iteration has overtaken the OG’s title.

Ahead, learn all about FUN FACTORY’s SHARE VIBE PRO—including what features it has, how it’s different from other FUN FACTORY dildos, and exactly how to use it. Plus, read what my experience with SHARE VIBE PRO has been. (Spoiler alert: “Orgasmic” is a word you might use.) 

Everything You Need to Know About SHARE VIBE PRO

SHARE VIBE PRO is a specific type of double-ended dildo known as a strapless strap-on or harness-free strap-on. In the case of SHARE VIBE PRO, one side of the dildo—the shorter side, also known as the wearer’s side—is ergonomically designed to match the natural anatomical curves of the vaginal canal and pelvic floor. Once inserted, this design innovation, plus the pelvic floor muscles’ activation and contractions around the toy, allow SHARE VIBE PRO to remain securely inside the vaginal canal. Meanwhile, the slightly longer end extends outward from the body. The result is that the wearer is able to rock a dildo much as they would if they were wearing a pelvic harness and single-ended (or, standard) dildo, but without literally strapping on.  

The main advantage of SHARE VIBE PRO, as well as other strapless strap-ons, is that they allow two partners to enjoy hands-free, penetrative play at the exact same time. For duos where both people enjoy the sensation of internal fullness, be it vaginally or anally, this is huge. Plus, experiencing that feeling of fullness via the same toy creates a particular intimacy that using separate products—like a butt plug and dildo, or two dildos, for example—does not allow for. 

Whether it’s in the name of gender euphoria or simply spicing up your solo sex life, used alone, this dildo gives you the opportunity to stroke yourself, much as you would with a factory-installed penis. 

SHARE VIBE PRO also vibrates. Both shafts have their own separate motor, which enables all users to enjoy the toy’s eight different vibration settings. Notably, the motors in SHARE VIBE PRO are built right into the toy, which was not the case with the original SHAREVIBE, which vibrated thanks to an insertable bullet vibrator. 

SHARE VIBE PRO is made from the same body-safe, medical-grade silicone that has made other FUN FACTORY products—like VIM, MISS BI, and DUKE—so popular. This silicone is soft to the touch, with a slightly grippy texture that helps the toy stay in the wearer’s body, even once you add lube. Plus, it just feels good for the receiver. 

Gabrielle Kassel holding a Share Vibe Pro double dildo by Fun Factory while smiling


If you’re in the market for a double-ended dildo, you probs have questions about what sets SHARE VIBE PRO apart from other FUN FACTORY double dildos. Here’s a comparison chart to make it easy!






Yes, 8 settings 

Yes, 5 settings 






Adjustable Hinge 





1 pound 

.92 pounds 

.73 pounds 

Receiver Insertable Length 

6.5 inches 

5.1 inches 

6.5 inches 

Wearer Insertable Length 

6.1 inches 

3.5 inches 

6.1 inches  

Color Options 

Burgundy and Cool Grey 

Dark Violet and Pink 

Blackberry and Deep Sea Blue 





Exactly How to Use a Double-Ended Dildo

1. Get to know your toy

Before using any sex toy on your genitals, it’s best to acquaint yourself with it in a non-sexy setting—and that stands whether it's a double or single dildo, rabbit or c-ring, plug or prostate massager. 

After taking the toy out of the box, charge it up. Then, spend some time holding it in your hands to get used to its weight, length, and girth. Next, explore all the different angles of the hinge, as well as the various vibration options. 

Most important here is learning how to turn SHARE VIBE PRO on and off, as well as how to cycle through its three different vibration speeds and five different patterns. Taking the time to learn the toy in this way will reduce your risk of turning the toy off—rather than up—seconds before blastoff. 

2. Use the toy solo 

Even if you purchased the product with a partner or to play out a specific partnered (or multi-partnered) fantasy, you’ll want to use the toy during solo sex to start. 

If you’re planning to take a turn as the wearer, use this time to see how the shorter, girthier end feels inside your body. Plus, figure out your Goldilocks amount of lube. While lube is essential for getting the toy in place, there is a point of diminishing returns—too much lube can dull the feel-good sensation of silicone in your body, and force your pelvic floor muscles to work harder to keep the toy inside.

Meanwhile, if your preferred role is the receiver, you might use the longer end as a single-ended dildo (like LIMBA FLEX or THE BOSS, for example). Or, you can turn on the motor, use the shorter end as a handle, and use the other as a vibrator.

Gabrielle Kassel hand holding a Share Vibe Pro double dildo by Fun Factory

3. Introduce the idea to your partner(s)

Interested in trying SHARE VIBE PRO in a partnered (or multi-partnered) setting? Whipping it out mid-romp is about as kosher as bacon. Meaning, not at all. So, you’re going to have to have a conversation with your partner ahead of time—ideally, when you’re not already having sex.

Ultimately, the unique nature of your relationship, your personal comfort levels talking about sex, and how important using a double-ended dildo is for your gender expression and sexual enjoyment will dictate when and how you bring it up.

If you’ve only had sex with the other person a handful of times and haven’t used toys together, you might tiptoe into the conversation by asking about sex toys in general. For example: 

  • Hey, we haven’t ever talked about sex toys. Have you used them before? Is that something you’d be down to try together?
  • I love making you feel good in bed. Let me know if there are any sex toys you really like. 
  • I think it could be really hot to use a vibrator together. Want to shop for one online with me?

If you’ve already used lube or a sex toy, you might take a different tack. You could say:

  • Babe, I just read a review of a double-ended dildo that sounded really good. Can I send it to you? 
  • Would you be into using a double dildo together? I just bought one and think it might be fun.
  • It was REALLY enjoyable the last time we had strap-on sex and it got me thinking it might be fun to try strapless strap-on sex…Thoughts? 

4. Get specific

Cool, so you and your partner have decided to try a strapless strap-on. Now it’s time to get specific…really specific. 

Who is going to be the wearer? Which hole(s) is the receiver down to have penetrated? What positions feel fun and affirming to everyone involved?

If there is a gender-expression or gender-affirming element to using the strapless strap-on, you’ll also want to talk about what you want the dildo called. For example, do you want it called your dildo? Or, do you feel more excited hearing it called your “cock,” “penis,” “click,” or “boicock”?

5. Lather on lube 

If you don’t already own a water- or oil-based lubricant, you’re going to want to invest in that ahead of play. Personally, I recommend SUTIL Rich (water-based) or Coconu Water Based. 

(Quick reminder: Silicone-based lubes cannot be used with silicone toys, like SHARE VIBE PRO, as the lube would degrade the silicone in the toy. Also, oil-based lubes are not compatible with condoms.) 

A dab of lube will help the wearer insert the short, stubby end inside their body without any discomfort. Slathering the longer shaft with lube, as well as the receiver’s hole, will also help make every thrust feel as pleasurable as possible for them.

In the event that you’re using SHARE VIBE PRO anally (i.e. to peg), you may want to use a lube shooter, which will coat the entire canal with lube. Given that the anal canal doesn’t self-lubricate, this is essential for keeping the penetration pleasurable. 

6. Wear a harness the first go-round

SHARE VIBE PRO is a strapless strap-on, which means it can be used without a harness. But personally, I recommend using it with a harness at least the first few times. 

Why? So your pelvic floor muscles can get used to holding the toy. Plus, an orgasm is essentially a bunch of pelvic floor muscle contractions, which means orgasming can interfere with the location and stability of the dildo. 

Choose which strap-on harness you use with SHARE VIBE PRO based on your aesthetic preferences. Sportsheets, RodeoH, and SpareParts make the best underwear-style harnesses, which look like regular ole’ panties and conceal the wearer's genitals. Meanwhile, Tantus makes great strap-style harnesses, which keep the wearer’s genitals within reach. 

Gabrielle Kassel pointing towards a Share Vibe Pro double dildo by Fun Factory

7. Get in the mood first

Hate to break it to you, but your sex session can't start with you immediately putting on and using SHARE VIBE PRO! Trying to penetrate someone who isn’t fully aroused is going to be quite uncomfortable, if not downright impossible—and that stands whether you’re using a double-ended dildo, or other penetrative body part or pleasure product. 

Before you reach for your new buzzy buddy, spend some time getting in the mood through your usual arousal methods. Be it kissing or chest stimulation, oral sex or hand stuff, there’s no wrong way to prep your body for SHARE VIBE PRO. 

8. Try different penetration positions 

As far as strap-on sex positions go, the world is your smutty oyster. To put it simply: Whatever position feels good is fair game. 

If you’re not sure where to start, however, I recommend lifted missionary or rider-on-top. Both allow the wearer and receiver to see one another’s faces and make eye contact. This will make it easier for the wearer to use nonverbal cues to gauge the receiver's comfort. 

Once all partners are better acquainted with the depth, rhythm, and angle the receiver most enjoys, you can add in additional positions, such as spooning, doggy style, and reverse rider. 

9. Try other kinds of sex, too

PSA: Vaginal and anal penetration aren’t the only things a strapless strap-on is good for. You can (read: should) also use it for other kinds of sex, too. 

One partner might wear the toy during a mutual masturbation session, jerking their shaft off as someone might with a penis. Or, one partner might perform a strap-on blowjob or handjob on the silicone shaft.

Gabrielle Kassel hand holding from the shaft a Share Vibe Pro double dildo by Fun Factory

My Sexperience with FUN FACTORY’s SHARE VIBE PRO

As a longtime lover and user of the original SHAREVIBE, I didn’t need or expect the PRO to wow me. Yet, somehow it did. 

When I first took the toy out of its box, I was immediately struck by how pretty the Cool Grey colorway is. (The toy is also available in Burgundy.) I was also excited to see that the toy is designed with a hinge between its two sides. The original version did not have this feature, which in my experience limits which positions are comfortably on the table.

I started by using the toy during solo missions. I began each session by prepping myself for penetration, gripping the shorter end like a handle and using the longer end to stimulate my entire vulva. I enjoyed the sensation of the dildo head pressing against my clitoral hood, much as a wand vibrator might. Feeling the vibrating length between my labia, like a Nathan’s world-renowned hotdog in a bun, was also amazing.

When I started squirming against the mattress and making animal noises, I knew I was good and turned on. I squirted some water-based lubricant all over my opening as well as the toy. Then, I fit the bulb of the shorter end into my body before fisting the longer side, moving my palm up and down as if I was jacking off a bio-penis. Beyond being psychologically arousing in its gender-affirming nature, each stroke pressed the internal attachment against my G-zone. In other words, hello, orgasm.

The second time I used SHARE VIBE PRO was with my partner. After spending some serious time rolling in the hay in the name of arousal, I laid on my back, missionary-style, and lubed up the short side as well as covered (I mean, covered) my enter vulva with the slippery stuff. Then, as my partner laid beside me, kissing me, I slid in the toy.

I wasn’t feeling particularly toppy and my partner wasn’t in the mood to be penetrated, so we didn’t use the toy as a traditional strapless strap-on for vaginal or anal penetration. However, they did take the extension into their mouth before jerking me off with their hand. Trust, it was hot. After I came the first time, I removed SHARE VIBE PRO from inside me and turned on the vibrations, and then we took turns holding the vibrator against ourselves. The result? Even more coming.

I’ve only been a proud owner of SHARE VIBE PRO for a month, and my love and I are long-distance, so we haven’t been able to use it a second time. But the toy has absolutely earned its place in my bedside table, as well as my sex toy travel kit.

Gabrielle Kassel (she/her) is a sex and wellness writer, pleasure advocate, and certified sex educator. In addition to FUN FACTORY, her work has appeared in publications such as Cosmopolitan, SELF, Well & Good, Health, Shape, Women’s Health, Greatist, and more. In her free time, Gabrielle can be found reading romance novels, bench-pressing, sexting, or yep, reviewing pleasure products. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @gabriellekassel.

This post was written by a guest blogger, and all opinions and ideas expressed are that of the author. All ideas included are for educational and entertainment value, and do not constitute medical advice

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