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Sex Toys for Men - Couple playing with MANTA men toy

It can be easy to get distracted by the parade of toys for clits and G-spots, but don’t be fooled: there’s still a world of fun to be had with toys for penises, prostates and more. Want to find out how to expand your orgasms and feel more pleasure than ever? Stay tuned for this quick tour of  sex toys for men and other folks who want them. 

Sex Toys for Men - Men Playing a Video Game


Anal play is amazing: loads of nerve endings, pleasurable feelings of fullness, and lots of different ways to play. Whether you’re just starting out or expanding your repertoire, the butt plug is a great option. Just lube it up, slip it in, and enjoy effortless stimulation.

The BOOTIE RING is a cock ring with anal plug that combines the erection-boosting power of a cock ring with light prostate stimulation and perineum massage. Get ready for full-body orgasms.

Cock Ring with anal plug BOOTIE RING


Vibrators are our top-selling and biggest category, for one simple reason: vibration feels amazing. It wakes up your nerves, makes you feel wonderfully sensitive, and provides a sensation you get nowhere else. For internal vibration, a prostate vibrator, like DUKE, is king! This toy is shaped to fit your anatomy, vibrating against the prostate and the sensitive perineum.

Classic masturbators, like the COBRA LIBRE II, envelop the head of the penis in rumbling vibration from two motors. It’s great for a reach-around, and you can even share the fun by having your partner straddle you while you use it.

The MANTA vibrating stroker is designed as a sex toy for penises, and it really shines as a couples toy. Holding it between you during intercourse lets you both feel the vibration. It also gives blowjobs and handjobs a boost. Where standard strokers can be way too big or just plain ugly to enjoy together, you’ll be happy to give this stylish toy a starring role in your sex life.

Penis Head Vibrator COBRA LIBRE II


Smooth or textured, realistic or fanciful, strapped on by a partner or suctioned to the shower wall, dildos let you choose exactly the sensation you want! Their flared bases make them both anal-safe and harness-friendly, so you can feel secure playing solo or with a partner.

Sex Toys for Men - Vibrating Stroker MANTA - Couple on Bed



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