Our Top Toys, According to the Internet

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We’re proud to say that bloggers and reviewers give our products top marks. So proud, in fact, that we rounded up their most glowing comments to help you decide on our toys.


“Many first-time dildo owners like this one because it's fairly small (5.3 inches long) and has a diameter of 1.4 inches. It has a soft base that feels like skin, and is ideal for both vaginal and anal penetration.”— Gina Vaynshteyn and Suzannah Weiss at Glamour

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“It was the perfect amount of stretch to give me a new sensation that I hadn’t experienced before and wasn’t painful. I have used this toy many times over the last few weeks and it has quickly become one of my favorites.”— Jess Worthen at BedBible.com

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“Compared to other double-ended dildos, the Share Lite stayed noticeably erect through whatever we put it through, which made it extra fun to give blowjobs or bounce up and down on the shaft.”— Autostraddle

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“Rapid, focused strokes, like a partner whose fingers won’t quit. My entire clitourethrovaginal complex jostled to oblivion. Ridiculously quick and effortless orgasms. ‘Can I just leave the Stronic Surf inside me forever?’”— Super Smash Cache

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“No other vibrator compares. The flickering tips dance along my clit, varying sensation with the flick of my wrist. Splayed, pinpoint, pressed hard or allowed to graze and tease — the Volta does it all.”— Epiphora 

“Best flutter-style vibrator" according to New York Magazine.
“The great thing about it is that it fits over or around many different types of body parts that might want stimulating.”— Sinclair Sexsmith quoted in
New York

“My personal favorite vibe is the Volta from Fun Factory, which has a ton of speeds/patterns and can deliver yummy stimulation to the glans (or whatever name you use for your parts), the perineum, or your external gonads.”— Lucie Fielding quoted in Slate

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