Our Top Three Toys of 2022

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We analyzed all the data from last year, and the results are in: You’re horny! Each person’s taste is unique—that’s why we offer a variety—but at the end of the day, a few of our customers' favorites shine brightest.

Out of all the vibrators, thrusters, dildos, strokers, plugs, and other FUN products we painstakingly manufacture in our Bremen factory, three toys proved to be absolute winners. 

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The Top Three Fun Factory Toys of 2022


MANTA is a vibrating stroker designed to stimulate the most nerve-rich parts of the penis. It's a powerhouse for frenulum-based orgasms when held just under the tip, and makes deep-throat BJs a breeze. Beyond that, MANTA makes a great toy for penetrative play: When held at the base of the shaft, it turns your whole penis into a vibrator!

MANTA vibrating stroker for penises and couples




This vibrating c-ring was an immediate all-star. Designed to be worn around the shaft of the penis, NŌS helps support longer, firmer erections while stimulating the clit or balls with two powerful motors. The ring is shaped to fit the shaft without pinching or rolling, and the whole toy is made of velvety medical-grade silicone. Bonus: NŌS makes a great handheld vibe for clits, nipples, and more!

NOS vibrating C-ring for couples




If you want a rumbly external vibe in a versatile shape, look no further than VOLTA. This vibe was designed with the clit in mind, but is excellent for any part of your body that craves more sensation. VOLTA's unique tips flutter and tap, which brings more blood flow (which means more sensitivity!) to wherever you place it, and its slim shape is perfect for using between bodies. 

VOLTA strong clitoral vibrator


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