Masturbating with Sex Toys

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Does talking about masturbation make you blush? We get it! A lot of us still have some leftover feelings from when we were younger that masturbation is taboo or even wrong. Fact is, though, that getting to know your likes and dislikes by masturbating is not only a lot of FUN, but also it makes sense if you want to learn more about what will get you hot and bothered during sex with a partner. Even better, regular masturbation can give you more control over your orgasms, whether you want to learn to hold off a little bit longer or climax more quickly. Besides, isn’t it good to know that your next orgasm is just an arm’s length away? 



Very few people orgasm through vaginal penetration alone. In most cases, you get there by stimulating your clitoris, whether directly or indirectly. Indirectly? Heck yes. What many people don’t know is that the sensitive nerve endings that sensitize the clitoris run along the entire pubic area, so even gently caressing the labia can get you feeling aroused. During solo time with your vulva, a toy like the AMORINO can add to the FUN. Its flexible silicone band can be wrapped and twisted any way you like, for gentle to intense stimulation of the clit from every angle. Want a handheld vibe? The ergonomically-shaped lay-on vibrator LAYA III stimulates not only the clit, but the whole area surrounding the labia.


It also helps to know where your G-spot is and what it likes. Found on the front wall of the vagina (feel for a textured area that swells when you’re aroused), this hotspot can, when treated to a firm, rhythmic massage, give you more intense, longer lasting orgasms. Your best friend during G-spot masturbation can be your own fingers. If they aren’t long enough or are busy stimulating your clit, a dildo with a curved tip or a special G-spot vibrator can help, like the elegantly curved ABBY G or the compact but powerful MiSS Bi. Best of all, these toys combine clit and G-spot stimulation, for thrilling combination orgasms.

Looking for something more? Try your hand at playing with your A-spot! This spot lies a bit behind the G-spot, by the cervix, and massaging it can boost wetness and amp your arousal. For targeted stimulation of this area, longer dildos and vibrators like the LADY Bi are your key to discovering this erogenous zone. 


It’s all about the right combination of sensations for you? Masturbating with a pulsator is going to take it to a whole new level for you. The pulsator imitates the thrusting motion of sex with a partner. (We don’t need to tell you why that’s awesome.) An absolute must-have is the STRONIC G, a toy that gives your G-spot the rhythmic massage it craves, hands-free. Use your free hands to leaf through an erotic novel or text your partner something sexy.

Handshot of Pulsator STRONIC G



Got your masturbation routine down to a science? Shake it up! You deserve better than the same thing every day. There are different methods to masturbate! Try this out: if you usually stimulate the entire shaft of the penis, then the next time round, solely concentrate on massaging the tip of the penisor the other way round. Test number two: how about softly pulling the scrotum whilst massaging the glans? Or try stimulating the many, many nerve endings in and around your butt with a well-lubricated finger.

Man lies satisfied on the bed

We know, you’re no octopus! But even here you can get help in toy form. The bestselling COBRA LIBRE II, for example, surrounds the head of your penis in rumbling vibration. We’ll leave what you do with your hands up to you...

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