Know Your Sex Toys: What is a Pulsator?

What is a pulsator - Pool blue STRONIC G pulsator

Want satisfying, reliable thrusting with or without a partner (and without tiring out your wrists)? Years ago, FUN FACTORY set out to make this wish come true and make a toy that would mimic the motions of partnered sex. The outcome? Our patented STRONIC technology. The pulsator was born.


With their satisfying weight for G-spot or prostate play, variety of thrusting and pulsating functions, and colorful, appealing designs, pulsators have become the go-to toy for pleasure product enthusiasts everywhere. Waterproof, discreet, and rechargeable, with a lock function for hassle-free travel, these are the first thrusting toys to promise a sense of luxury as well as play.

Woman with violet STRONIC G G-spot Pulsator


What's the Difference?


Nope, pulsators and vibrators are not the same thing! Are you asking yourself "What is a pulsator?" or wondering about difference between a pulsator and a vibrator? 

Vibration is caused by a weighted motor spinning very, very quickly inside the toy. Vibrators are great when you want a more intense, focused sensation and they’re perfect for nerve-dense areas like the clit.

Pulsators thrust back and forth on their own, using a combination of strong magnets and German engineering. Their steady massaging sensation is perfect for G-spot or prostate play and feels a lot like the motions of a particularly skilled and tireless partner.

difference between pulsator and vibrator

Which pulsator fits me best?

Now that you know the difference between a pulsator and vibrator, it’s time to look at how to choose the right pulsator for you. Every body is different, and you deserve a toy that feels amazing to you. There are a few different factors to consider when deciding on a pulsator: size, what kinds of sensations you like, and what looks so FUN or sexy that you just can’t wait to use it.

STRONIC G pulsator pool blue

“I love intense, focused fingering.”

You want: STRONIC G
Can’t reach your own G-spot? No problem. STRONIC G is as close as a toy can get to feeling like a partner who’s really good with their hands. Its curve gives you the targeted massage your G-spot loves.

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STRONIC SURF pulsator black

“I love combining different kinds of stimulation.”

STRONIC SURF massages multiple hot spots—like the G-spot, the sensitive vaginal opening, and the internal clitoris—with every thrust, building you up to an incredible orgasm.

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STRONIC REAL pulsator baby rose

“Intercourse is the best! If i could buy a realistic sex robot, I would.”

STRONIC REAL makes you feel like you’re spending time with a creative and tireless lover. The shape you crave meets orgasmic staminaup to two hours on a single charge!

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“I’m all about minimal effort.”

BI STRONIC FUSION combines a pulsator with an external vibrator, so you can just lie back and enjoy. You can even save your favorite thrusting and vibration settings, so you don’t have to think about anything but FUN.

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What science says about our pulsators

In a study by certified German sexological bodyworker Mara Stadick, a group of 25 participants explored the effects of recurrent stimulation with a pulsator toy for at least 15 minutes per dayand after four weeks already reported some exciting results:

  • Increased vaginal sensitivity, leading to more pleasure during penetration
  • Getting turned on more easily
  • Wanting sex more often
  • Being more relaxed and enjoying sex with a partner more, with or without a toy

Curious about what this exciting thrusting technology can do for you? Go check out our pulsator sectionYou can also take a peek at this guide from SexualAlpha and be ready to get on the pulsating ride of your life!

All ideas included are for educational and entertainment value, and do not constitute medical advice.

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