Tips for Trans and Gender-Expansive Folks

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If you’re trans or gender-expansive and trying to buy a pleasure toy, it’s usually harder to find the information you need to get something good.

It shouldn’t be hard, though, so we’re making it easy for you. Here, we’re sharing the tips we’ve gotten from people of diverse genders, so you and any partners can get off, no matter what your parts look like.

Though we’re using the terms “masc” and “fem” to organize this post, we recognize they don’t apply to everyone. If they don’t apply to you, just take what’s useful and disregard the rest!


Queer Toys Masc Options: Volta, NOS, Sundaze and Fun Cup against rainbow background

On the Masc Side

VOLTA is popular as a stroker. Just spread the wing-like tips so they sit on either side of your bits. Often, people on meds need stronger vibrations, so this is a great choice with lots of power that you can feel anywhere on the body.

C-rings, like NŌS, are great for hand sex and feel affirming on dildos. If you’re using a vibrating C-ring, the vibrations travel along the dildo’s shaft for extra stimulation all around.

SUNDAZE is an excellent primer for strap-on sex because its tapping motion increases blood flow to your bits (even more than vibration would), which increases sensitivity. Thanks to its tapered tip, it has the flexibility to be used externally or internally, so a wide range of bodies can have FUN with it. It stimulates more nerves than most toys without numbing you, so by the time you’re ready to play with a partner, you’re wildly turned-on. That means the giver feels more when they’re rubbing and thrusting, and the receiver feels more when their legs are spread.

FUN CUPS offer hygienic and eco-friendly period care without a visible string or pad outside the body. They also don’t come in ultra-fem pink or floral packaging, which can be annoying.

Queer Toys Fem Options: Laya II, BeOne, and Cobra Libre II against rainbow background

On the Fem Side

LAYA II cups your bits and allows you to play with vibration in an affirming way, however you like. It’s a better alternative to penis strokers, which can provoke gender dysphoria. 

BE·ONE can stimulate a penis head through petting, the same as it stimulates a clit. 

COBRA LIBRE II also cups your bits and allows you to play with vibration, which lots of transfeminine people enjoy. But the toy is branded in a masculine way and asks you to insert yourself, so it may not be an affirming experience for everyone. 


Queer Toys Options: B Balls, Lube, and Dildos against rainbow background 

On All Sides

B BALLS help you do anal kegels, for a stronger pelvic floor and more pleasure between any combination of people.

LUBE is the best sex accessory no matter what parts you're working with. But it's especially good for anal play (where our bodies don't self-lubricate), and for folks with testosterone-induced dryness. Our handpicked selection of Sliquid Lubricants create slippery, cushiony, toy-friendly wetness with zero irritating ingredients.

DILDOS in all different lengths and thicknesses are good for givers and receivers alike. And if you have an oral fixation, they make for realistic BJs, too.

HARNESSES are another must-have for both givers and receivers. SpareParts makes harnesses with designs for different gender expressions that secure toys in a natural-feeling way and let you get superclose.




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